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Trudge Across Country Borders with Your European Studies Research Paper

Knowing How to Write European Studies Research Papers

Europe, the second smallest continent in the world, is home to 63 countries or regions. They are classified into four types. These are the 50 sovereign states, 5 partially recognized states, one unrecognized state and 7 non-sovereign territories. Twenty five of these 63 countries are the currently engaged in the European studies program. With the goal to unite and link academic institutions all through out Europe, this program includes a curriculum that encourages joint interest and awareness on other cultures within the continent.

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Like any other continent or region-based field of course or academic program, European studies can also be incorporated in varied disciplines such as political science, cultural studies or linguistics. Whether you are enrolled in this course under a specific discipline or an independent one, one thing is guaranteed by ProfEssays.com – that a student will always be required to submit a European studies research paper.

Humanities and Social Science are the two core disciplines where European studies are included. With this, European studies can be discussed further or in a detailed manner, depending on the course of study that you plan to take. As ProfEssays.com would assume, your research paper topic will be totally reliant on your academic course or research paper subject. One could not take a course under humanities division and turn out a paper that thoroughly discusses a legal issues research paper that strictly discusses the European-related legal issues.

To guide you, we have enlisted sub-topics for each academic program coupled wit suggested topics for each.

  • Social Sciences

o European history

  • Discovery, occupation and illumination in Early Modern Europe

o European sociology

  • Easter migration to Europe and its effect to the population

o European economics

  • Labor and trade industry in the current century: how it fare compared to the world

o European Union public policy

  • The treaties created by the European union and how it affects the current situation in the continent

o European law

  • The different congress in the European continent
  • Humanities

o European literature

  • The influence of the European literature in the development of the Eastern literature

o European culture

  • How the European capital culture integrates the variety of tradition in the continent

o European language

  • Choosing the appropriate third language in a country of extensive diversity

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