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We’re currently the leading company when it comes to custom writing in a number of different styles—Chicago, MLA or APA: you name it. Our papers cater to students from all over the world, including Harvard, Oxford and Cambridge. Whereas with other custom writing companies, you’ll find students working on your orders (making them prone to producing second-rate output), at ProfEssays.com you’ll find that we have a very big competitive advantage: our writers are all accomplished professionals who are established academics in their own right—you can find out more about them here.

This has made us one of the only custom writing websites that cater to students who are currently taking up their Master’s and PhD degrees. With our 65% writer returnee rate, we can guarantee that all of your instructions are followed down to the dot. Just as you don’t want to scrimp on your academic career, we also never scrimp when it comes to helping you out—partner only with the best and we assure you, you won’t regret spending those extra couple of dollars. On time, high quality and always plagiarism-free, you’ll only find the best here at ProfEssays.com. Order from us now!

Reasons You Should Team Up With ProfEssays.com

Still on the fence about picking us to be your partner in crime when it comes to coursework? Keep reading! Here are some reasons (among many) why you should be interested in what we have to offer.

Professional and Experienced Writers

This is our main strength. While other custom-writing companies may offer you good writers, none of them will be able to offer youwriters with our credentials. We value educational attainment, skill and competence when it comes to our services. We understand how important coursework is in your professional success and we make sure to always offer you only our best writers.

First-Class Standards for Essays & Term Papers

Along with having a team of the best writers available, comes the best work available. Whatever your customization or format (APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard), our writers will definitely be able to adhere to your instructions. Not only will you be able to free up some of your time, you’ll also have quality coursework to show for it!

On Time Delivery

We make it a point to never miss a deadline. Name your date and we’ll deliver! We always deliver work on time, if not earlier. This is yet another advantage of working with professionals who know their stuff.

24/7 Online Support

If you have a query, we’ll be able to get to it immediately. You can reach us through chat or phone support anytime, anywhere!

Reasonable Prices

Where else online can you go to get custom written coursework that’s top quality and written by the cream of the crop? While we are definitely not the cheapest custom writing service around, we can assure you that we’re definitely one of the best. With us, you can be assured of value for your money.

Writer Availability Guarantee

Our network is an expansive one—we never run out of writers to work on your orders no matter the topic, format or volume. We will always have someone available to help you out; that’s our guarantee!

100% Plagiarism Free Work

Authenticity is a top priority for us. Here on ProfEssays.com, we value good work and research ethic. All of the work that we submit to you has been put through the strainer numerous times. Our multi-level plagiarism scanning system allows us to guarantee that you get original, custom-written work every time you work with us.

Absolute Confidentiality 

Our databases and systems are all encrypted with top security software. All of your information is safe with us–we never release any information about our clients or their orders. Once you place an order with ProfEssays.com, no third party will ever know you asked for our assistance.

Acclaimed for 100% Authenticity

A couple of years ago, ProfEssays.com was featured on USA TODAY for being a pioneer in custom writing authenticity. The article spoke about assisted research and how all of our competitors fell short when it came to plagiarism checks. Only ProfEssays.com was able to guarantee a multiple-quality check for each and every custom-written paper that we produced. There are two things that we’ve invested in: great writers and a sophisticated plagiarism system amounting to almost $8,000 in net worth. We believe that these are the two big factors that we need to have down pat to do our best in assisting you. As always, we are your partners in crime against plagiarism! Order your next essay from us now and give us a try.

Term Paper Basics

A lot of the time we get so caught up in the stress and pressure of writing a great term paper, we forget what our main goal is. That is, to show our professors know how well we’ve understood something by being able to come up with a clear and concise reaction or analysis of the topic we’re given. Our number one priority here at ProfEssays.com is to help you out—below you’ll find some basic but highly effective tips and tricks that will help you write an awesome term paper!

Take Down All Instructions

It’s been our experience that even the best papers sometimes end up failing because they don’t adhere to the instructions given in class. Remember that the instructions serve as your paper’s objectives—they give context to whether or not your paper succeeds. Here are some useful questions you can ask yourself before working on your paper:

  • What is the main goal of this term paper?
  • Are there given guide questions?
  • When is it due?
  • Are there any specific resources that I need to be using?
  • Is there a specific format?

Know Your Format

Once you’ve properly identified all of the basic instructions, it’s time to review your format. Is your professor asking for a paper formatted in APA? MLA? Turabian? Make sure that you review the appropriate format before you begin. This will make writing your work a breeze. It also clues you in as to where you can put the citation, what types of statements you can put in and how much freedom you have in terms of expressing your opinions (e.g. the Turabian style’s footnotes give you more room to play with emphasizing the context of each source with regard to the work).

Keep Your Flow In Mind

Now it’s time to move onto the content of the work—before you begin the actual writing process, it’s important to establish your flow. Come up with a short but sweet outline that contains the skeletal structure of your paper. What ideas will you discuss first? What is the best order for you to discuss different theories throughout your term paper? Logical sequence is just as important to term papers as the content and the format. This is what makes the difference between a striking, understandable paper and a paper that reads like gibberish. Make sure you take note of the following factors when organizing your paper:

  • Are ideas you’ve placed consecutively related?
  • If so, how are they related?
    • Do they support one another?
    • Are they clashing ideas?
  • Are there other parts of the paper where they could be placed wherein they would serve the final point of the paper better?
  • Are the ideas you’re discussing within the scope and limitations of your paper?

Research, Research, Research!

After getting everything down outline-wise, we move onto coloring in the picture you want to paint with your term paper—perhaps the most important thing about the paper is that your content makes sense. To ensure this, you should only get information from reliable sources: academic journals, unabridged text and scholarly articles (unless otherwise stated by your teacher). Make sure you know your material inside-out. Read and re-read your research material and try to re-state complex ideas in your own words. This makes concepts and theories a lot easier to understand.

Prioritize Simplicity

Big words aren’t always better. On the contrary, a lot of the time extremely highfaluting language can be off-putting because it shows your instructor that you weren’t able to express yourself using a more basic word. Again, we go back to our first point: the goal of a term paper is to facilitate understanding between the student and teacher, not to obfuscate otherwise communicable concepts, thoughts and opinions. This also makes sure that your paper comes up as authentic as possible. Writing in your own style, with your own voice allows you to avoid plagiarism.

We know that it’s difficult for just one person to shoulder all of the stress that the academic life can bring—however, remember that you don’t always have to go in alone. Sometimes, you need help and there’s absolutely no shame in that. We’re always here to lend you a helping hand. Our academic writing services always cover all the basics of term papers—and more! We always go the extra mile to make sure that you’re able to attain the success that you deserve. Order from us now and take one step closer to achieving your professional goals!


Established as one of the most reputed and popular writing service companies of the world, ProfEssays.com now proffers services at the click of a mouse to students and researchers across the world.

The team of professional writers of our organization have gained the reputation of scripting and formatting term papers and other assignments immaculately. Whether is it is scripting an APA assignment or an intricate Chicago style term paper our writers possess the expertise and flair to seamlessly present every assignment.

Business can be defined as the process and functions of an organization for providing products and services.
A business term paper is one which covers all aspects of the working, strategies, objectives and ethical principles of organizations. An assignment of this sort should proffer a detailed and extensive analysis of all business functionalities and objectives.
An A level coursework or term paper writing on such a subject is a challenging and time consuming task as it required immense research and planning for execution.

With the increasing pressures and rising standards of academic institutes, numerous students are now seeking professional assistance for writing their term papers and assignments. However, students are often skeptical about the authenticity, originality and class of the assignments scripted by all such writing service providers.

Ethics can be defined as the principal and code of conduct which requires being followed for the seamless functioning of any profession, business, industry or establishment.

Ethics are moral principles and values which are followed in everyday life and an ethics term paper typically looks at covering the importance, significance and the various types of these principals.

These types of essays and term papers can be written in various fields all of which require being well researched and contained with factual information.

Accounting term paper as the name implies refers to the systematic procedures of analyzing, reporting, recording of financial exchange in an organization, after marketing department accounting happen to be the main stay of an organization, it is highly needed, and most important as it records the incoming, and outgoing of company’s funds/capital or generally finances. The argument about accounting been the most important course or profession in a company is one of the frequent pass times of students, this article will not air the fire of argument about this issue but rather take a neutral stand by declaring that no course or discipline is more important than the other; yes we havesome disciplines like philosophy as the mother of all discipline, marketing as the crux of all businesses (all profession no matter what it is medicine, law, musician, teacher, etc boils down been business driven) accounting maybe the corner stone of businesses etc; but it is most fallacious to say that one is better than the other except on functional grounds.

Professor, scholar, historian and author John Hope Franklin was one of the greatest historians and social activists of the United States to have been bestowed with the nation’s highest civilian honor in 1995 – the Presidential Medal of Freedom. A John Hope Franklin term paper should give a detailed account of the life, achievements, contributions and works of John Hope Franklin.
Assignments of such genre are like writing a narrative essay containing a detailed illustration of the chronology of event and occurrences in the life of the person in discussion.

However, ProfEssays.com have now extended an opportunity to students across the world to buy tem paper online and attain the professional services of some of the world’s most reputed and eminent academic writers.
The seamlessness and high standards of work is clearly reflected in all assignments conjured by our writers.

The most common phrase associated with a student’s life is – it’s complicated. However, we at ProfEssays.com intend and work at simplifying the academic work load of students across the world by providing them with a platform to purchase custom term papers online.

The technologically innovative methods adopted by ProfEssays.com have given the power to students across the world of – on demand convenience.

Psychoanalysis is a study of the human mind and the way it works. Sigmund Freud developed this study based on a set of ideas relating to three important factors

  • Analysis of the human mind and the way a person thinks.
  • A set of theories about behavioral patterns of human.
  • Treating this psychological illness.

Sports Term Paper: the Basic Elements of Effective Term Paper Writing

Sports is an activity that allows an individual or a player to take active participation in an organized and physical endeavor. Players are obliged to follow specific rules and regulations when participating in any form of sports. The main goal of any form of sports is to determine a winner or a loser in a competition. The main factor considered in determining winners or losers is the skill of the player. His physical capabilities, in relation to his competitor’s are the main assessment points in playing sports.

Dos And Don’ts Of A Hospitality Services Term Paper

Are you thinking of career in hospitality sector? Do you really want to make it big in the hospitality industry? Its not that easy to maintain a lead in the hospitality sector. Undoubtedly the competition is growing day by day and the chances of your being standing apart in a crowd are also getting narrowed down, If you really wish to leave a mark, you got to have the zest and vigor in you otherwise you will be sidelined. Hospitality services term paper would require some attention, research, analysis and a creative bend of mind. You really need to be creative, innovative and spontaneous to be able to excel in the custom essay. ProfEssays.com has a unique way of writing and therefore you won’t ever go wrong with us. We understand the requirement of a particular term paper because we have a set of academic writers who belong to varies fields. Our specialized writers can help you write the best of term papers at the most reasonable prices. Our idea is to reach each one of you and to spread the world that quality write-ups are not a property of the rich alone. So you can always look-up to our trained writers for any kind of writing assignments.