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Students who turn to ProfEssays.com service value their time and on the other hand do their best to study well. Thus, it is of fundamental importance for them to obtain essays of the best possible quality which can be provided only by professional and qualified writers. Since it is our high priority to content and please our customers we take our commitment to hiring the best and most educated writers very seriously. While qualification of a writer is defined by their level of education and experience, their professionalism is a very multi-faceted trait which should be defined with the help of different markers and before the writer starts working with us. Thus, particular emphasis is placed not only upon the amount of practice the writer has had or the degrees they possess, but also on the writer’s commitment, as well as focus and ability to enjoy the work.

Certainly, only a good professional, possessing deep academic and practical knowledge in a required field may develop a truly high-grade essay. Thus our priority consists in gathering a team of writers who are the most highly skilled in their branches of study. Our standards are high, and customers may be sure that high-quality essays are prepared for them as they devote their time to other important things in their lives. Any field of knowledge is subject to our writers and it is their responsibility to make the essays match all the required standards.

The writers who work on the ProfEssays.com team are seriously committed to their work. Each order is taken and written with full responsibility, and each of a customer’s instructions is carefully followed. This serious attitude guarantees that each essay will be completed on time and with all necessary attention devoted only to this particular paper. Customer satisfaction being our number one priority requires from the writers deep knowledge which is supported with their result-oriented attitude. We require essays written by our writers to be 100% original and authentic which is also another customer satisfaction driver. Plagiarism is absolutely inadmissible in our work as it may do harm not only our service but also to our customers’ reputation which should be avoided at whatever the cost.

The quality of the essays written by our writers is also warranted by the total focus which is given to the papers in work. Each writer devotes 100% of their time and attention to the essay they are assigned to complete, and this assures great and timely results. Since customer’s interests are in the first place, we may assure delivering their essays with no delay and meeting the deadlines by all means.

One more secret ingredient of the successful essay is the writer’s enthusiasm at work. The writer whom the order is assigned to works on it with pleasure as they are happy to work in the field of their expertise and not only apply their knowledge and skills but also do it for our customer’s benefit, and to share the information they already possess. It has been proved that a satisfied and happy worker delivers the best results, and this is true with our writers. We assure the best working conditions in which they manage completing the most high-quality essays for customers. Our writers enjoy working as a team and helping people in obtaining their education with the best efforts. And as a result customers receive not only good papers written but also high grades for them and a reputation of diligent students which stands high, too.

The team of writers at ProfEssays.com is longing for offering you their help and doing their best to create the most authentic and excellent papers for you. So do not hesitate any longer, and apply for our service whatever your assignment is – our professional and qualified writers will surely be able to assist any student in writing any academic paper of any level and any field needed.

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For return and new customers ProfEssays.com offers an opportunity to select from our top 20 academic writers. These are some of our most experienced custom essay and dissertation writers. If you have ordered from us before and would like your next order to be completed by the same writer, just let us know their ID in the order form. As well, if you have a friend or colleague and would like to recommend the writer you worked with, just give them the writer ID.

New customers can also choose from our list of featured writers. If you are a new client, simply mention the writer’s ID when placing the order. We charge an additional fee which will amount to 5% of the entire order cost. This part of payment will be forwarded directly to the writer as a bonus for completing your research paper. If you do not specify a preferred writer’s ID, our staff will assign the most qualified one who has sufficient experience writing on the topic of your paper.

ID Degree Specialization # of orders completed over last year
0326 MSc (Master of Science) Social sciences 106
0891 BA (Bachelor of Arts) History, international relations 153
0913 MBA (Master of Business Administration) Management, marketing 286
0980 MBA (Master of Business Administration) International relations, politics, history and social sciences. 215
1066 MBA (Master of Business Administration) Economy, finances, politics and history 206
1124 BA (Bachelor of Arts) General knowledge 261
1215 Doctor of Philosophy Philosophical and religious topics 196
1365 MA (Master of Arts) Literature, book reports and movie reviews 318
1576 MA (Master of Arts) Philology and problems of modern linguistics, historical, religious topics 235
1692 MBA (Master of Business Administration) Different topics: from economy and finances to humanities 280
1866 BA (Bachelor of Arts) Different topics of general knowledge 312
2182 BA (Bachelor of Arts) Philology and humanities 191
2561 MSc (Master of Science) Social sciences, psychology, sociology 237
2613 MBA (Master of Business Administration) Economy and finances 323
2711 MBA (Master of Business Administration) Management, marketing and business administration 310
2965 BA (Bachelor of Arts) Ecology and environmental protection, history 119
3568 MBA (Master of Business Administration) Economy and management 341
3699 MA (Master of Arts) Arts, literature, letters of recommendations, tips on writing 256
4112 BA (Bachelor of Arts) Book reports, art critique and movie reviews 238
4251 MSc (Master of Science) Different topics: from economy and finances to humanities 97
4287 MSc (Master of Science) Different topics of general knowledge 186
4321 MA (Master of Arts) Philology and humanities 173
4338 MSc (Master of Science) Social sciences and literature 156

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