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Term Paper on Globalization: Making a Note Worth and Recognizable Assignment

Help with Writing Your Globalization Term Papers

Every state does not want to remain stagnant. Every single country all over the world is in constant search of improving the lifestyle of its citizen. Globalization is a concept that has been in constant use for countries and states who are aiming towards thorough industrialization. The aim of globalization is to ensure that a certain standard is met by a state or country where advancement is concerned. Because of the different methods by which inter-state communication is possible, standards and international benchmarks on globalization have been established.

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In its simplest definition, globalization is a process where countries integrate their communication and trade. Globalization is not only concerned with the economy, but it also encompasses other elements such as culture and society. Free trade is one of the key concepts of this process. Free trade is when two companies from different regions or countries can conduct business without the interference of government. This concept is welcomed by many business practitioners because of the ease that it provides for them.

With free trade, economic prosperity for the country is more accessible. With economic prosperity, developing countries have more chances of improving their standard of living as it can provide more business opportunities and more chances for employment.

Over the years, proponents of free trade have proven their point because historical records show that capitalism and democracy are two of the contributing factors of a highly developed country. Though independence is considered highly remarkable for a country, conducting business with other countries has become an inevitable fact in today’s global setting.

However, as all things are open for scrutiny – there remains a group who believes that globalization is not that all good. Termed as the anti globalization movement, this is used to describe a political group who has strong views against globalization. Their criticisms on the concept of globalization are motivated by its effect on the society.

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If your term paper topic is globalization, then looking at this process’ effects is a necessity. As there are two views on this concept, it is important to look at the two opposing sides so that you may create a fair and credible academic paper. ProfEssays.com provides you with information on this by categorizing their effects and their corresponding social implication.

  • Economic effects


  • Tourism brings business. Transit customers bring in bulk of the business in any region. With globalization, business is created and more and more people are given an opportunity to have a better standard of living.
  • Local businessmen can explore the possibility of expanding their business with the availability of more customers from different regions in the world.


  • In some regions in Africa, the decrease in poverty rate is negligible, if not non existent. Very few countries that have a big decrease in poverty rates are very few.
  • Income disparity even in America continues to increase. Those who enjoy remarkable increase in income are the top 50% of the population while the other half rarely experienced increase in income.
  • Environmental effects


  • Globalization brings forward further knowledge because of the exchange of ideas – hence, allowing many regions to adapt the proven ways of preserving nature.


  • For poor countries’ urban and rural areas the availability of clean and potable water has decreased.
  • Because of trade and tourism, SARS and Ebola virus have inflicted varied countries – instead of containing it in just one region.
  • Tourism, due to globalization, risks environmental and natural resources and wealth – causing many species to go extinct.
  • Social effects


  • Globalization allows for cultural diversity because a specific region is not limited to the confines of their own group. Instead, they are given an opportunity to appreciate another region’s culture.


  • Small business, and as a sub-effect, cultural diversity is forgotten if not eradicated. Instead of patronizing locally relevant food businesses, many citizens would opt to visit McDonalds or Starbucks.

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