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Writing a Deficient-free Term Paper on AIDS

Know How to Write Term Papers on AIDS

HIV or human immunodeficiency virus is the precursor of AIDS. HIV is a virus that is particular to humans. This type of virus attacks the immune system of its host by weakening it – if not, destroying it. HIV is just like any other viruses, it multiplies by itself when it takes over a cell in a human body. However, the similarity ends here. While other viruses such as flu or colds can be easily addressed, HIV is a stubborn type of virus.

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The immune system can easily address other types of viruses. However, when humans contract HIV, this virus does not get weak at all. Since it is identified as an immunodeficiency disease, humans do not have the ability or faculty to get rid of it since it directly attacks the immune system’s host. Aside from being fatal, what makes the attack of this virus more depressing is the fact that HIV could not be easily detected. Truth is, this virus can not be identified for a prolonged period of time because of its ability disguise itself and hide in the cell of its host. Like most diseases or sickness, the HIV disease is divided into varied stages.

As the virus progresses, the host weakens further. AIDS or Acquired Immune deficiency Syndrome is the last stage of people infected by the HIV. Like HIV, AIDS attacks the immune system of the host. However, as this is the latter stage of the virus infection, the infected human already experiences a number of symptoms. There are a number of symptoms that is directed towards AIDS. Some of these are diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, fever, and chills.

The long time medical advice, Prevention is better than cure could not be truer when it comes to AIDS. As the treatment for this disease is currently being researched in terms of its efficacy – the best way to address this is to avoid instances that would allow you to acquire it. ProfEssays.com suggests that the ongoing research on the treatment and prevention of AIDS can very well be your research paper topic for your term paper on AIDS.

There are current developments on both the prevention and treatment of AIDS. Whatever new information anyone can provide would be definitely be helpful in the medical science discipline. ProfEssays.com compiled some of the recent updates on this, to inspire you on conceptualizing term paper ideas.

  • Research on prevention – Avoiding the disease is the focus of prevention. Other social and behavioral elements are also studied by the academics, whereby the following recommendations have been proposed.
  1. Having sexual intercourse without protection
  2. Use of prohibited and injected drugs
  3. Male circumcision as a method of preventing transmission of HIV
  4. Use of microbicides to eradicate or kill viruses which causes the weakening of the body.
  • Research on treatment – Gaining further information on how to treat those with AIDS allows them to stay healthier and lead a longer life. As such, treatment is the real focal point of any AIDS related research
  1. Development of vaccine to prevent the proliferation of HIV
  2. Antiretroviral therapy stops the virus from duplicating itself
  3. A holistic approach in addressing AIDS, whereby good diet and regular exercise must be practiced.

There are varied ways in exploring this topic so you may compose a comprehensive term paper on AIDS. Aside from researching about the treatment and prevention of this disease, a student may also opt to conduct research on the behavior of the organism causing the propagation of the virus.

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