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Reflective Essays – An Evaluation

Help with Writing Reflective Essays

Essay writing is an art and only few have that inventiveness. Again not everybody having the writing creativity is capable to write all kinds of essays. Writing a General English essay is different from writing Critical Analysis Essay and a High school essay. If you want to see all kinds of custom essay papers written only by professionals and experts ProfEssays is the correct place to search. Our company ProfEssays deals with all kinds of English essays and has a very good reputation in assisting all kinds of customers.

Essay topic is an ocean having varieties of lakes in it. In other words there are different kinds of English essays existing and everyone is not aware of them. One among such essays is Reflective Essay in which author describes his own experiences about his past events in an essay format.

Examples to Reflective Essays are given below for better understanding

• After completion of the first Academic project a student is asked to write an essay about his learning during the project and that’s a Reflective Essay. He demonstrates about how project details are captured, test sets are executed, significant accomplishments, failures etc. It also mentions about events that went wrong and improvements.

• Upon returning from a school tour, students are asked to write their experience about the trip and that description in research paper format is a Reflective Essay.

Reflective Essay that’s written by a scientist who completed his research.

If you want to write a Reflective Essay about some event in the past and not sure on where to begin take the help of our company ProfEssays. ProfEssays delivers articles that are free from copyscape.

There is small difference between a Reflective Essay-Descriptive essay and between Critical Analysis Essay-Reflective Essays. It is very important to understand this minute line in order to gain good knowledge about essay types.

Reflective Essay Vs Descriptive Essay

• Descriptive Essay describes the facts of what happened in the past. Suppose you are writing about a tour, Descriptive essay demonstrates completely about where you went, how you enjoyed, what’s the cost etc.

• A Reflective Essay demonstrates about your experiences, your learning’s, your fallbacks from the trip. It’s an evaluation of your tour experience.

Reflective Essay Vs Critical Analysis Essay

• Critical Analysis Essay is kind of feedback about something you just read/experienced. You are free to explain your views about the author of the subject you want to write upon. If you want to write a Critical Analysis essay on your research topic you could tell what you feel is correct and what is wrong. The views are not on your research but on your research paper topic.

Reflective Essay is completely on your Research. You just demonstrate the experiences you gained out of the research. If the research is not helpful or successful you could always mention and also explain what was wrong and how to correct it. There is no criticism exists in Reflective Essays.

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