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Olympic Essay Paper – Special Aspects About the World Famous Event

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Many people don’t know the origin and history of many famous things that are happening in this world around them. Olympics are one of such events about which every one knows but many don’t know the history and the specialties. Olympic essays are written based on this subject and readers can enhance their knowledge on this topic by reading them. Thus these essays can also be treated as informative essays. In this essay I will explain the special aspects that not a single common man knows about the most popular and famous sports event Olympics.

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Often students are asked to write Olympic essays giving them a great learning opportunity about the Olympics.

  • “Olympic Games” is an international sports event or rather competition where players from different countries participate for various kinds of sports. Winning a gold medal is a prestigious one for the player and also for the country for whom he participated.
  • The concept of Olympic Games is not a new one. They were used to hold in Greece in the ancient times most probably in the 6th century before Christ and were continued till the 4th century after Christ. During the 4th century AC Greece was ruled by Rome and they stopped conducting this competition.
  • Initially the competition was held only for a day and involved only one sport and that is running race. Later on swimming was also added. Only men used to participate. Women are allowed neither to participate nor to view the games.

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  • These competitions are held once in four years and the same tradition is getting followed even now.
  • This world famous sports event started its journey again in 19th century and since 1896 they were continuously held once for every four years except for three times because of the world wars.
  • Getting a chance to organize and conduct the Olympic Games is considered as auspicious opportunity for the hosting countries. At the same time it is also a challenging one as it has to provide all the facilities and amenities to the players, audience, special guests, invitees etc.

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