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Night Essays and Related Topics

How to Write a Night Essay Paper

Some essays are written based on a famous novel and book and they are categorized under the name of the book or the novel. When any one tries to refer the essays they reflect the original book. Night essays belong to such type of essays and are generally considered that they are written based upon the famous book Night written by a German writer Elie Wiesel. Such essays are the famous college essays as students are asked to submit these kinds of essays as a part of their academics.

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The book written by Elie Wiesel narrates his survival against the starvation, physical and mental suffering and sustainability during the worst periods especially during the Second World War. He describes how he lost everything right from his parents till the faith in God. Students who write essay based on this story will get benefited in many ways like in addition to acquiring the essay writing and researching capabilities they can also understand the real facts about human life. Thus they are also said as Philosophical essays.

It is not very easy to write Night essay. But let me help students in finding good topics.

  • Write an essay explaining your views on why the author has named the book as Night. You need to study the book carefully to find this particular word and its significance at that particular scenario to understand the real facts behind using it.
  • You can describe the difference in Elie’s thoughts and beliefs regarding God at the beginning of the book and at the end. Also state the reasons for those differences.

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You can write a descriptive essay on the said topic by analyzing the relationship between the author and his father. Present your opinions if this relationship has any significant effect on his life.

If one can study the book carefully with the intention of writing an essay then I am sure any one can get good ideas to explain upon. Remember the success of any essay depend on the creativity, fresh and informative content.

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