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Basics of Writing Literature Review Essays

Help with Writing Literature Review Essay Papers

Literature review essays like any other type of essay are also based on through research. Therefore it is important that students select a topic for reviewing depending on their knowledge and understanding on the subject. The essay writing format of a review essay is the same as any other essay however students require to keep in mind various facets while writing this sort of an essay.

ProfEssays.com writers have defined certain points for students to help them in selecting an appropriate research paper topic and writing literature review essays.

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• Research and Study
A literature review is the best way for a tutor to test the research skills and topic study capabilities of students. Hence, students require to conduct a methodical research on the topic and gather as much facts and data on the subject as possible and also compile the different views and arguments on the subjects with supporting proof. For writing these types of essays it is essential for one to have access to academic or internet libraries.

• Citing the essay paper
A literature review essay is based on a lot of research and it includes a lot of reference data and facts in its body. Therefore, in this case it is very essential for a student to know how to cite a paper as per the format of the essay. This is also important to avoid being charged for plagiarism and imitating another writers work. It is recommended that in literature review essays students should create a bibliography page and cite all the references accordingly.

• Comparing and contrasting viewpoints
A good literature review should discuss and highlight opinions and ideas of different writers on the topic, this makes the essay interesting and it also portrays the extent of research put in to develop the entire essay. Comparing and contrasting viewpoints in literature review essays also give students an edge to get a higher grade.

• Format of a literature review essay
Until and unless specified by the instructor or tutor literature review essays follow the same research paper format as any other type of essay which comprises of three parts:

  1. An Introduction
  2. The body of the essay – generally having 3 paragraphs
  3. And the essay conclusion

However, in addition to this a literature review paper could also consist of a table of contents in which the topics subtopics and page numbers of the same are enlisted.
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