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How to Write a Literature Essay Paper

Help with Writing Essays on Literature

Literature is a unique profession that consists of great literary works characterized by creativity, good imagination, beauty, morality and sense of national loyalty example poetry, plays, arts, prose, music etc. It has a highly satisfying and lucrative wide; talents are discovered nurtured and maintained example Harper lee the writer of “To kill a mocking bird” is a talented writer that enjoyed and is till enjoying fame and stardom from her one and only book published since 1960.

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How to write literature review essay

Depending on the topic the best approach is to adopt the process of evaluating, analyzing, describing, literature or literary appreciation. This strategy works well for all types of literature especially if one is ask to evaluate a piece of literary work like the painting of “Mona Lisa” or “Macbeth” because it uses format like;

Author/Background: This deal with information regarding the writer/artist of a particular work. The first step is to read or examine the work this help to expose the meaning of a literary work it includes investigating the originators background; where he was born, interest, early years, occupation etc example the novel “Animal farm” the writer George Orwell was said to have written his book to attack tyranny, oppression and political injustice at the time of writing.

Another very important format is the Theme: This is the central idea or subject matter on which a literary work is based and it is gotten after reading or evaluation, example the theme of “Lord of the flies” is cruelty and savagery. There can be more than one theme

Character: This are humans that interprets a play/novel/poet, animals in the case of animal farm can also be used as characters. There is the main and minor character. Your work will be to evaluate, analyze, argue, the action of a character and his/her relevance to the theme.

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Plot: Make a summary or write the story in your own words to show understanding of key factors.

Figure of speech: this is an auxiliary instrument introduced to add value and meaning to a play, prose, and poem. Example “Love is like a butterfly” this is a simile comparing the features of love to that of a butter fly, Simile is one among many types of speech that occur in a piece of literature you are required to locate them and discuss their relevance.

The above approach is very useful to general evaluation of a literary work, but what if you where give a particular topic what do you do? Example; “describe the rise and fall of Macbeth” Write a short story on him, and point out his attitude example he is a tyrant. State your reason; this might include quoting his words etc. After obtaining all information present it using the essay plan and essay outlines. Do you have any difficulties? Buy Literature custom research papers from ProfEssays.com.

Literature essay is a very interesting and practical essay if you follow the above format you will do just fine.

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