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How to Write an Essay Outline

How to Write Outlines for Essays

Learning how to write an essay outline is a vital part of prewriting. Good prewriting abilities are critical to achieving a good grade and include brainstorming, researching on the subject, planning, and organizing before getting to actually write the essay. Students time and again fail to expend enough time in the prewriting step, mostly when it comes to deciding from the various types of essay and research paper topics.

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Here are some instructions our expert writers at Professays.com have put down to help how to write an essay outline:

Writing Outlines
Students ought to write the outline only after they have narrowed down on a topic, congregate the research data, and have a proposal statement. The outline does not have to be lengthy – a page is generally sufficient – as it is not a rough sketch; it is purely a structured listing of ideas for the essay.

Five Paragraph Essay Outline
The five paragraph essay is the most common out of all the other types of essay. The outline of this type of an essay has to be in three parts which are
1. the introduction,
2. the body (which mostly has three parts)
3. and conclusion.

1. Introduction
The essay introduction consists of a lucid thesis statement which tells readers as to what the essay is all about. The introduction also comprises of a précis of the three subject sentences that is to be presented in the essay body.

2. Body
The body of a five paragraph essay comprises of three paragraphs in the main body which is used to build up the thesis statement. Additionally every paragraph has one subject sentence relating to the thesis.
The outline of every paragraph ought to contain four parts:
1. a topic sentence
2. an elucidation of the topic sentence
3. an exemplar, piece of fact, or an extract that sustains the subject sentence, and
4. An elucidation of the importance of the exemplar/fact/quotation that supports the sentence.

3. Conclusion
The conclusion in all types of an essay gives a finish to the essay and indicates to the reader that the writer has completed the discussion. The conclusion must abridge the three topic sentences and illustrate how it sustains the thesis statement. It is acceptable if the conclusion appears analogous to the introduction, in verity, it probably will.
4. Style
The fastest way to learn how to write an essay outline is by using jot-notes and making them into full sentences during the course of the essay.
Students who start writing essay outlines usually find that their academic writing abilities improve radically. The five paragraph essay outline is simple to learn, though students must feel free to adapt it or make up their own outline until they discover an approach that works well for them and their subject.
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