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Timeline: An Effective Writing Guide in Composing a Holocaust Term Paper

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How would you feel if one day, a cruel man rose to power, took you away from everything and everyone important to you – only to push you into leading a depressing and wasted life, and in the end kill you? This was a daily scenario in 1933 when Hitler came to power. The word holocaust was coined from the word holokauston – a Greek word which means “sacrifice by fire”. Today, holocaust brings forward several depressing images and memories, even to mere observers. Majority of the victims is of Jewish descent. However, the roster of victims also extends to that of homosexuals, disabled, women, children, gypsies, members of the Jehovah’s Witness sect, or literally anyone who resisted the Nazis.

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Nazis are fascists who have belief on racial supremacy. They claim that the Aryan people or the German has the most superior race – hence, anybody who does not belong to their group must be annihilated. ProfEssays.com suggests that one of the most controversial research paper topics that you can use for your holocaust term paper is the amount of people who suffered and died during the 12 year period. Records have shown that 11 million people were killed at this time, where more than one million of which are innocent children.

The picture that holocaust paints, is beyond horrible as they presented the most appalling way of implementing discrimination. One of the identifying marks of the holocaust is the time when the Nazis created concentration camps. These are the places where the Jews were sent to work, be disciplined, be punished, or even killed. There were different types of camps, which included extermination camps, labor camps, transit camps, concentration cams and prisoner-of-war camps.

Holocaust started when the self proclaimed superior Germans declared their refusal to become patrons of Jewish businesses. The 12 year period is full of colorful events and incidences that can be the basis of many interesting research paper topics for your term paper on holocaust. To have a clear view of the possible term paper topics that you can use, you might want to look through the timeline during this period. ProfEssays.com has outlined the happenings during this time, to help you pick the most interesting event – which can serve as your basis for your term paper topic.

  • In 1933, Nazi Adolf Hitler became the Chancellor of Germany. The following month, the Nazis created a commotion to cause crisis within Germany. Because of this, emergency powers – and later on dictatorial powers – were granted to Hitler.
  • When Hitler came to power as the dictator of Germany, the Nazis began to implement laws that were characteristic of discrimination against the Jews. Some of these were the boycotting of Jewish owned businesses, prohibition of owning a property, and exclusion from Arts. During this time, concentration camps were also established to force the inferior group to toil and starve to death.
  • When the president of Germany died, Hitler gained more power as he became their Fuhrer or leader. During his term, there was further abuse against the Jews. Jewish women were forced to abort their babies to avoid the transmission of “hereditary diseases”. Also, properties were taken from the Jews and many of the non-Aryans were sent to concentrations camps to be killed.
  • The people began to resist and several other government from different countries took action to assist the victims of the Holocaust. There were also remarkable people who contributed into saving hundreds and thousands of Jews. Two of the well known humanitarians were Swedish Raoul Wallenberg and German Oscar Schindler. Naturally, there was a great risk involved in assisting the Jews as its discovery is tantamount to immediate death before the public.

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