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Example to write Extended Essay Samples

Extended Essay Papers as an Example of a Professional Writing

The basic idea behind writing an essay is to discuss our thoughts and feelings about a subject. Essays can be written in any format to achieve the main intention. It depends on writer’s creativity and the origin behind writing the essay. The basic format followed by all writers is a five paragraph essay. Often people tend to write extended essays.

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Generally an essay starts with an Introduction, three body paragraphs and ends with a conclusion. Extended essay is not an exception for this. But the body contains more than three paragraphs and the body itself can contain more introductions, summary paragraphs.

Let me explain this in detail. We will see an extended essay sample for a Political Essay.

Suppose we’re writing an extended essay on the topic “Independence war of India” and we want to give the complete information about the war. There are several tiny fights which played major role in getting the final Verdict. Let’s now see how one can present the essay.

Introduction: Start the essay with an Introduction so the readers should understand
that the essay completely describes about the Independence war of India.

Body: Explain the importance of such war and slowly start explaining about the other small fights that were involved in the war.

First sub topic: Quit India fight

  • Introduction of the sub fight: Let’s say you chose to explain the Quit India fight, give introduction.
  • Body of the sub fight: It can contain any number of paragraphs depending on how much you cover.

Summary: Complete the Quit India fight with a summary.

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Second sub topic: Jalianwala bagh Incident

Introduction of the sub fight: Lets say you chose to explain the Jalianwala bagh Incident give its introduction.

Body of the sub fight: Explain the importance of the incident and the place where it happened. Also explain its impact on the Independence struggle.

  • Summary: Complete the Jalianwala bagh Incident with a conclusion.
  • Third sub topic: Divide and Rule
  • Introduction of the sub fight: Explain what is Divide and Rule concept
  • Body of the sub fight: Describe who invented it, what were the problems behind implementing such rule, who opposed it and finally its impact on the main war.
  • Summary: Conclude it with the conclusion statements.

Like this you can add all the tiny fights that were part of the main war.

Summary of the main research paper topic: Conclude the main essay that is the Independence war of India by summarizing the essay.

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