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Essay Prompts – Tips for Writing Essays Papers

Essay prompt is a generalized topic idea given to act as a guideline when writing essay topics, it tells a writer what to write about, and gives a basic research idea. The effect of prompt or triggers can be described as a two edged sword, in that it is beneficial to skilled writers, and confusing to a non-skilled writers. Why? How could a tool be both helpful and harmful at the same time? Read on to find out. Essay prompt from the above definition is not a topic, it is a prewritten essay topic, a writer is expected to draw a suitable essay topic from it, and ability to do this effectively bothers on skillfulness of the writers, the opposite is the case to a non-skilled writer who on sighting the prompt may not know what to do, they are likely to miss the meaning of the prompt this off course renders the essay useless. Writing companies like ProfEssays is there to help both skilled and non-skilled writers in deciphering essay prompts.


GED essay usually take forms of prompt, students are expected to choose interesting research paper topics based on triggers given to them, failure to do this may earn them bad marks, and that may mean examination failure, here are tips on how to identify, interpret prompt. ProfEssays delivers custom essays on time 8 hours for emergencies. First it does not ask a question question, it usually appears like an opinion, not direct and vague, example of a prompt; “It is often believed that men are the major cause of abortion in women” Once you have been able to identify a prompt next will be to deduce how to extract a topic from it, from the above example, one can deduce that above prompt is based on argumentative essay, compare and contrast essay, analysis essay, so choose a topic that is argumentative, e.g. Men are the cause of abortion in women, or women are the cause of abortion not men, or Men denial of pregnancies is the cause of over 50% abortion by women, and so on. Next is to conduct a research on the topic you have chosen, reliable place to get information is from the internet, libraries, live interviews, etc. Brainstorm on the information you have acquired, find out how you will connect with your arguments. Next is to understand what is expected of you, try to get the hidden message(s) in the prompts. Once you have gotten all the information together, the next is to learn how you will deliver your essay using research paper format. Essay formats to use are: Thesis statements, Introduction, Body and Conclusion, for more information on how to write prompt based essay format contact ProfEssays, your work will be written from scratch to finish, 100% card security, custom papers are checked with plagiarism software, writers are certified, constantly reviewed to meet up with their strict standards. Learn more about the reasons to buy essays from ProfEssays and download free sample essays to make sure the quality of the papers we deliver is perfect. Essay prompt can be used as a guideline to any other type of essay; it is simply left to the writer to use his/her discretion in executing the essay prompt.

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