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Essay on Story Writing – a Narrative Essay Paper

Tips on How to Write a Good Essay on Story

There are many people who are experts in essay writing and they can write essays on any topic. But in reality every writer must be specialized in writing essays on certain areas where he is more interested towards. Some are interested in explaining the general useful topics where as some are interested in explaining about the history including theirs. There are writers who take an opportunity to think and write an essay on themselves. Such essays are called as essay on story as they are explaining their story in the essay and they can be classified as narrative essays since the writer is narrating a story.

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The main intention behind these kinds of essays is to let the readers know about a particular story by describing it. The authors may have many intentions behind writing those essays. Some may just want to share their life experience with others so that they will be preserved for their successors. Some may have changed themselves after that particular incident happened thus they want others also to learn the lesson. In this way personal essays give the readers a great opportunity to learn about the philosophical facts about the life.

The essential things in associated with these kinds of essays are discussed below.

  • These kinds of essays must be told from a particular point of view. You choose to write an essay as if a third person is narrating the story and this phenomenon must be followed for the entire story. You can also write this essay as if you are explaining it but you need to maintain the consistence through out the essay.

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  • You can make use of vivid verbs, modifiers to explain particular scenario. You can also use conflict and sequence and they are most common in these kinds of essays. You may sometimes also use dialogues to give highlight a specific scene.
  • These are often classified as descriptive essays also.
  • You can also let the audience know about what they are going to gain by the end of the essay. This way you can deliver your true intention of writing such essays.

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