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Essay Introduction – How to Write It Correctly

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“Start with something that catches the eye or grabs the attention” in layman’s terms, is what an essay introduction should be. The essay introduction should be a statement that piques the attention of the reader and tempts him or her to read on. Of course, it should be relevant to the topic of the essay and not just an attention grabber. The topic and the theme of the essay should be pithily stated in the essay introduction.

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An essay introduction is akin to a preface for a book or a prologue to a play explaining the context and meaning of what follows in the body of the essay. Begin with a statement or quote that intrigues the reader and persuades him to continue reading the essay. From the introduction, move on to the body of the essay in a logical progression. Do not make abrupt shifts in the flow of the narrative. Every subsequent sentence should pick from where the last one ended. Not blatantly, but with some finesse and wordiness take the reader through your subject with out breakin7g the thread of the essay. Discussion of salient points of interesting research paper topic or subject should also progress without loosing the thread. Do not try to impress the reader with your vocabulary by using tough sounding words. Though every English word has several synonyms, not all of them may be appropriate to the context. Use what comes to you naturally. Repeat your introductory statement wherever apt or where you want to shift the focus from last theme to a new theme.

The conclusion of the essay should be a summary of the introductory statement and the elaboration in the body. Basically, a conclusive statement. A good essay introduction will help in a meaningful conclusion also. Like in a cause and effect essay. A lot of effort is needed to compile all the information to make an impressive essay introduction, fill in the essay body and a meaningful conclusion. The structure and format of your essay is also important. Request help from your teachers or knowledgeable acquaintances. Vet the essay throughout its stages. Writing on your own and later revising or rewriting the whole essay is more tedious than writing a fresh one. You may also engage the services of professional writers if you lack the time or is busy in more important study works.

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