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English Coursework Assignment: The Basics of Writing

Professional Help with Writing Your English Coursework Assignments

English coursework assignments are an elaborated and extensive task and also one of the most detailed papers to work on.

To write an English coursework a student needs to closely study and understand a literary piece of work and bring out the issues and interesting details of the same in the assignment.

Detailed reading, research, evaluation are some of the prime components of a paper in the this field, which one needs to work on to fabricate a good coursework paper.

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However, there are a lot of other factors one needs to keep in mind for writing an English coursework, and to facilitate students to understand the basics of writing such assignments, ProfEssays.com have tabled some essential points, these comprise of:

  • Selecting a piece of writing to illustrate and discuss

Choosing an appropriate piece of literary work forms the basic foundation of an English coursework. Writers should conduct a brief preliminary research to finalize a topic, on the guidelines of the specifications given by the tutor. One should however, opt to select an interesting research topic which they are familiar with and have a fair understanding about as it enables them to express their thoughts lucidly in the paper. Read more on the following: methodology example, essay outline template and APA essay format.

  • Giving a brief background of the writer and his works

Similar to an art coursework an English assignment also requires containing a background of the writer and the types of literary works attempted by the writer. This helps the readers understand and relate better to the work of the author and also helps in understanding the point being made in the coursework.

  • Discussing the objective and motive of the work

It is essentially to comprehensively get across to the readers the motive of the author to write the particular book / play / article / journal, and to accomplish this task successfully one must thoroughly read through the literary piece and try to comprehend the intention of the author. Illustrating and interpreting the objective of the author establishes the analytical ability and understanding of the coursework writer.

  • The era of writing

An interesting element to proffer in an English coursework assignment is giving a brief synopsis of the era in which the work being discussed has been written. This gives the readers an idea of the type of writing that was adopted in that particular age. This can vary from the present day or contemporary era to the classic age.

  • Characters and plot of the literary piece

The most important element of an English coursework is illustrating the main characters and their traits along with the primary plot of the work being discussed. Writers should analyze and unfold the plot of the author’s works and bring out interesting facts and elements about the same. It is essential that custom coursework writers portray this segment of the coursework in a manner that catches the attention of the readers.

  • Illustrating the theme of the work

Every literary work revolves around a theme which maybe tragedy, satire, humor, romance, mystery or any other. It is essential that the writer attempting an English coursework be able to identify the theme attached to the literary work and be able to aptly portray it in the paper. This essential in the grading process as it reveals the capacity of a student to relate and infer varied pieces of writing.

  • Critical assessment of the piece of writing

Most classic literary pieces of authors like Shakespeare, Jane lyre, Jane Austin and other established writers have been widely acclaimed, however, those attempting an assignment on the works of these acclaimed authors ought to proffer a critical evaluation of their works and display their confidence in their assessment. While doing so one ought to take note not to disparage or be judgmental but offer their assessment in a subtle manner.

  • Conclusion and personal opinion

In addition to research it is the personal views and opinion of a student that has more weightage in an English coursework assignment. Therefore, it is vital that at writers display and express their personal views on the literary work they have worked on at the end of the paper.

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