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Descriptive Essay Prompts

Useful Prompts for Writing Descriptive Essays

Choosing a prompt to write an essay is very important and one must carefully choose the essay prompt. Some essay writing competitions provide the topic on which they have to present their essay and some times you need to choose a topic on your own. All middle school essays leave the chance to the students to choose their own research paper topic. Descriptive essays are one of the popular essays written by students and they will be asked to write such essays on the topic of their interesting subject. This essay helps in finding the proper descriptive essay prompts.

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As the name suggests descriptive essays require complete description about the subject you’re writing. Such essays give students an opportunity to learn completely about the subject and also other related topics he is going to refer in the essay. It also helps them improve their writing styles and skills.

Choosing essay prompts is very important as they increase the popularity of your essays. It’s an approved fact as people are more fascinated towards interesting topics like movies, sports, filmy matters rather than business, management etc. There are people who are interested in the later ones also but majority of them tend towards the former ones.

Remember what ever prompt you chose, the content must be useful. Like informative essays your description essay must also posses some meaning and should be useful to your fellow students and also to all the readers.

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Below are some examples and also some pertinent points to help you in finding good descriptive essay prompts.

  • The prompt you choose must be valuable and have some meaning. And another important thing is you should have basic knowledge about the subject. Do not choose something that you never heard of.
  • A prompt such as “Involvement of computers in our daily life” makes a meaningful description essay.
  • You can also choose to write one of your great experiences. Such essays can also be called personal experience essay but since the essay needs complete description about the incident they are also descriptive type essays.
  • You can also write an essay describing your future goals and your plans to fulfill them. You can also explain in the essay the reasons for choosing such goals, any inspirational personalities etc.
  • Choose a general topic like population problem in Asia. Explain the facts and problems associated with the prompt.

These are just examples to give some idea about the descriptive essay prompts. If you can think sincerely and innovatively you have mind full of prompts.

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