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The Right Way to Write a Criminal Justice Research Paper

Help with Writing Criminal Justice Research Papers

Criminal justice is existent in all organized government. The fundamental part of which is to decrease or prevent the perpetuation of crime incidences in any given society. Apart from this, practitioners are also dedicated to ensure that apprehended criminals are rehabilitated. Though practices on criminal justice vary through countries, the goal of it remains absolute to all: that is, to ensure peace and order in the society.

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In essence, criminal justice imposes social control. The laws that are implemented in the country serve as the guidelines for the individual in the society. One of the most laudable and visible countries who advocate criminal justice is the United States of America. ProfEssays.com traces this perception of many individuals because of the transparency that they display.

The system of criminal justice in America appears to be highly organized and well-founded, such that, a workflow on it is drafted by their Bureau of Justice. ProfEssays.com outlines a summary of this for your reference on writing your criminal justice research paper.

1. Entry to the process

  • a. Offense is reported
  • b. Inquiry is conducted which can result to an unsolved crime or arrest of the criminal. For the latter, the following are the possibilities:

i. If the criminal is a juvenile, the offender will be handled by a juvenile unit
ii. Criminal can be released without persecution or
iii. Criminal will be charged, and move on the next stage

2. Prosecution and pre-trial services

  • a. Depending on the case, the following are the possibilities

i. An accused is released with no prosecution
ii. Charges can be dismissed
iii. The judge or the jury decides on the case

3. Settlement or Arbitration

  • a. The accused will either be found guilty or innocent. If the accused is found innocent, the persecution can appeal to the justice system to reconsider the case.
  • b. If the accused is innocent, he will be acquitted. Otherwise, the accused will be sentenced

4. Ruling and penalties

  • a. If the accused has been sentenced, he can also have the option to appeal his case

5. Corrections

  • a. At this stage, the sentence will be carried out by the Bureau of Corrections
  • b. The offender must serve the judge’s verdict, which can later on result to any of the following:

i. Pardon and clemency or parole which is usually given to offenders who display good behavior while imprisoned
ii. Death penalty are for offenders who commit capital crimes
iii. Habeas Corpus or the option of the offender to contest, dispute and question the judge’s decision on their imprisonment

  • c. the offender will be out of the system, if he has served the ample prison term

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