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Tips on How to Start a Compare and Contrast Essay

Professional Help with Writing Compare and Contrast Essays

There are various kinds of essay topics exist and one can choose to write any kind of essay depending upon his taste, knowledge and available resources. Some people describe completely about a topic where as some people present their views on other essays. There are some essays which mainly focus on comparing and contrasting two subjects and they are called compare and contrast essays. In this essay I will provide few important tips on how to start a compare and contrast essay.

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The main objective behind writing such essays is these kinds of essay enable the writers to think in a critical way, make them understand the subject thoroughly and then present his views, arguments, similarities and dissimilarities in a more meaningful and organized way. To improve all the above discussed skills one must try writing such essay.

  • Below I present few important tips to help people start their compare and contrast essays. In educational institutions teachers ask the students to write such essays as assignments. So these can be considered as High school essays or middle school essays.
  • One must be very careful while choosing the topic. Choosing the topic plays a very important role in these kinds of essays.

You must choose two subjects so that you can compare and contrast their qualities or features. And make sure that they both are not totally unrelated and interesting research paper topics. If there is nothing common in them then there is no point in writing an essay to compare them. Similarly without the common things you can not make out the differences.

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  • Also make sure that you are some what familiar with the chosen topics. Though you can gather the required data from other resources you don’t feel that you are completely involved in making the essay unless you had some basic knowledge on the topic while selecting.
  • Now you should think about the inner aspects of the topic you have chosen so that you can come up with what can you compare and contrast in the chosen subject. For instance if you had chosen two books of the same author as a subject then you discuss the similarities and dissimilarities between the two books in terms of the story line, the characterization, the way they were presented etc. Such discussion can sometimes be considered as critical analysis essays.

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