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How to Write a Chicago Style Term Paper

Help with Writing Chicago Style Term Papers

The manual of the Chicago style was initially published in 1906 by the University of Chicago Press as the first editorial style direct of the U.S. and has since evolved as the one of the most widely used formatting styles worldwide.
A Chicago style term paper comprises of a number of element that require to be implemented to appropriately format the paper, for which writers require being familiar with all the necessary rules of this style.

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However, at ProfEssays.com every term paper is formatted to perfection by our team of experienced and erudite research paper writers. All writers contained in our organization are well versed with different styles of formatting and to familiarize nascent writers with the Chicago style term paper basics we have mentioned below the primary essentials of citation of this editorial format:

  • The Notes and Bibliography system

The Chicago the Notes and Bibliography system, is one of the methods of crediting the sources of the paper. This is typically a method of citing the reference source of the term paper by the formulation of a bibliography page, footnotes or endnotes.

  • Formulating footnotes and endnotes

Unlike the APA style of formatting the Chicago style requires the inclusion of footnotes for citing quotations and stanzas. Footnotes require being created at the end of every page for citing the particular source referred to in that page, for which the writer requires allocating numbers / alphabets at the end of the quotation or paragraph corresponding to the reference sources cited in the page footer.
Endnotes in are typically created at the end of a particular sub topic / chapter in the same way as the footnotes.

  • Citation or bibliography page

In a Chicago style term paper a bibliography page needs to be fabricated at the end of the term paper, while formatting this page the writer must keep in mind to:

  • Key inclusions:

The main constituents of the bibliography page should include the name of the author, the name of the particular article / journal and the date of publication.

  • Author’s Name:

The last name of the author should appear first and should be separated with the first name with a comma.

  • Publication Names:

The name of books / journal mentioned in the bibliography should be in italics and the particular and the references titles of articles and poems etc. ought to be put in quotes.

  • Publishing dates:

The publishing date of the reference source ought to be mentioned after the name of the publication.

  • Punctuation:

In the Chicago style term paper bibliography page, all the components of the page should be separated with periods.

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