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A Guide in Writing A Picturesque Art History Term Paper

Knowing How to Write Art History Term Papers

The varied magnum opuses of famous artists are the main interests of the curriculum on the course on art history. Understanding the background and the story behind an artistic piece is the main interest of art practitioners who is devoted on art history. Aside from knowing the personal story of each masterpiece, art historians also devote their time in understanding the style context of each piece. Few of the numerous elements that are looked into: are the design, format, genre and look. Oftentimes, art history is misinterpreted as art criticism or philosophy of art.

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To define the differences of which, art history is mainly concerned with identifying the artistic worthiness of a piece, in relation to other similar pieces. Meanwhile, philosophy of art or also called as art theory is mostly concerned with the basic characteristics or qualities of an artistic piece. What separates art history from the other two academic branches of art is that art historian practitioners opt to use a historical method of questioning when understanding art. Historical methods are procedures where one uses first hand information when conducting research.

The use of this method is a necessity since art historians aim to attain credibility, authority and reliability in their publications or academic studies. ProfEssays.com, a professional custom term paper writing company devoted to providing quality academic papers, further points out that using the historical methods on conducting studies or writing papers is an advisable technique in writing your art history term paper.

Art history is not only concerned with the biography of an artistic piece. Questions such as “Who are the influences of the artist?” and “What are the historical occurrences when the piece was created?” are not the only usual questions one asks when writing a term paper on art history.

Since this academic course is also interested with an up-close inspection of a magnum opus, some of the other possible questions one may use to identify the elements of term paper are: “What are the points or ideas that the artist wants to relate?” and “Is the artistic piece visually functional?”. These questions are just few of the numerous research paper questions that you can use to assess your research paper topic. Aside from which, ProfEssays.com also identifies further art history research methodologies. These methodologies are used to scrutinize and analyze your chosen piece.

  • Examining an artistic piece, in relation to the era it was created:

o This type of examination is concerned in identifying the motivating factors of the artist. Moreover, the reactions and the perception of the targeted audience are also recognized, to easily identify the relationship of the artistic piece to the time and locale that it was made.

  • Studying an artistic piece, by examining its form

o Here, the writer of an art history term paper can identify or scrutinize the artist’s choice of color, shape, line, composition and texture. Identifying the style of the artist is also the main concern of this method – that is whether a piece is inspired by representational or non-representational style.

  • Understanding a work of art by iconographical analysis

o Many artists use symbols or representations on their masterpieces. Experts in art history can easily identify the sources or inspiration of this symbol, enabling them to identify the social, economic and cultural influences of which.

  • Identifying the history of an artistic piece with the use of a critical theory inquiry

o This method allows for the fusion of other disciplines. Academic courses that are not related to art are the usual theories or ideas that are used to identify the influencing factors of artistic objects. Among this are Marxism, feminism and racism.

There are many influences to consider when identifying an artistic object’s history. The most challenging part in writing an art history term paper is to substantiate your observation as an art historian. Though there are many attempts to take information, first hand – several critics will always be analytical of the observations you put on your paper.

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