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How to Write an Art History Research Paper

Help with Writing Art History Research Papers

In the ancient times the study of art was limited to trends in literature, sciences, and politics it was not until the 19th century that art history was advanced to include some definitional factors of modern art, it lends his development to advancement in photographic duplication and printing soon after the second world war, more artworks was produced hence the need for artwork comparison. Students in college and universities are mostly required to write art history research paper.

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Obtaining an A in this assignment is not as difficult as the possibility of obtaining the same from psychology, sociology, science and marketing research paper, why? Simple, art history deals with the analysis, appraisals, evaluation of artworks, while the other mentioned subjects or disciplines deal with the study of living things, humans in particular, now tell me, what could be more complicated and difficult than studying human erratic behavior? Attempt will be made in this article to touch some difficult aspect of writing art history research paper, for other professional assistance order for online custom research paper from ProfEssays.com.

Art history is the academic study of the type, design, format and look of a art piece, could be painting like the Mona Lisa, architecture, sculptures, printings, etc it is by no means comparable to art criticism which is the act of subjecting artworks to critical intellectual evaluation in comparison to other available artistic pieces aimed at establishing the value of the work.

Writing art history research paper requires in-depth knowledge of the discipline it’s like writing art essay except it is more challenging in terms of gathering information, below are some of the steps to undertake in writing a quality art history research paper.

How to write a art history research paper

  1. The first step is to learn the procedure involve in art evaluation, what is the purpose of art history? this and many other facts will be revealed in the process of research
  2. High comprehension of the research paper topic is advised before jumping into the writing proper, after which it is advisable to identify the possible difficult issues, and concepts, gauging the level of difficulties in the write up will enable one know what he/she is up against, hence fashion a way to avoid it. This step must be done with a pen and paper to jot down possible ideas that might pop up, planning, and structuring of the research paper should be done too.
  3. Go to reliable source to obtain information; library, internet, journals, etc write down all your findings and don’t forget to reference pages, book, websites, etc according to MLA, APA, and Harvard research format, or as directed by your teacher.
  4. What is the research paper rubric grading? Find out as this will help in making your work faster, convenient, and more rewarding.
  5. Remember to use research paper outline for writing the research paper, and understand the various strategy like description, analysis, evaluation argumentative, cause and effect, compare and contrast essay writing etc, available to writing any essay or research paper.

Art history is a great subject and discipline one worthy of writing; it is among the discipline that makes the world a place to live in despite much difficulties and breakdown of ethics.

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