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How to Write an Argumentative Research Paper

Professional Help with Writing Argumentative Research Papers

An argumentative research paper is typically based on a controversial topic, in which a writer requires to take a stand on a particular side of the topic and justify the same by giving supporting data and facts. The essay introduction of these papers needs to have a strong thesis statement which impacts the reads instantaneously.

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Writing these types of essays requires immense concentration and intricate research, writing these papers can be a complex task but to help students attempting these types of papers ProfEssays.com research paper writers have mentions some important thumb rules which they should follow, these are:

  1. Deciding on an interesting research paper topic for the argumentative research paper, if it has not been already assigned by the tutor.
  2. Identifying a stand to support one side of the issue that is going to be discussed in the essay. However, it is important that writers should be aware of both sides and aspects of the issue.
  3. Researching on the topic and compiling all the important facts and data to sustain the body of the essay.
  4. Drafting a thesis statement for the essay introduction.
  5. Drafting an essay outline template and enlisting all the data as it is to be written in the final essay.
  6. The writer also must compare his stand with the other schools of thought and justify the same, without criticizing the other point of views.
  7. Writers must follow the specifications given by the tutor for writing the argumentative research paper.
  8. Using quotes of people who have in the past voiced their views on the topic can make the essay interesting and create a greater impact on the readers.
  9. The conclusion of these types of essays and research papers should re-state the stand of the writer and sum up the entire paper as well.
  10. Writer must write an abstract of the paper so as to provide the readers with a brief of the contents and discussion of the entire paper.
  11. Making a  essay title page as per the specified writing format of the paper is also necessary.
  12. Being original is important and writers should avoid imitating another author’s work.
  13. All the sources which have been cited in the paper must be acknowledged in a bibliography or reference page at the end of the essay.
  14. After the completion of the argumentative research paper, writers must proof read the paper to make certain that it is free from all errors.

These are the basic rules to be followed while writing these types of essays and research papers.

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