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How to Write an Architecture Research Paper

Help with Writing Architecture Research Papers

Architecture is a vital part of any realm and society, and an architecture research paper aims at enlightening the reader base about the contemporary and old architecture of a particular situate and the customs and traditions attached to the same.

This type of a research paper is an intricate and complex task that requires extensive research and concentration. An architecture research paper is based on facts and findings and writers do not require making claims or convincing the reader base on any point.

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The research paper writers of ProfEssays.com have mentioned below some interesting research paper topics and some essential steps that require being followed to write a paper of this sort:

Architecture research paper topics could include:

  1. Different architectural styles of different eras in history.
  2. Edifice constructed during the Gothic Revival and the background behind the same.
  3. Architectural tradition of various countries.
  4. Different architectural styles of countries and a comparison between them
  5. This type of a paper can also be based on certain prominent architects like – Antonio Gaudi, Frank Lloyd, Oscar Niemeyer and Le Corbuiser.

There are also some essential steps that writers ought to keep in mind while writing a good research paper of this sort, these include:

  1. Identifying sources of research for the paper.
  2. Writers should try and give the readers interesting information on the historical background, culture and traditions attached to the topic being discussed.
  3. Compiling authentic and accurate facts and data on the topic.
  4. Analysis and interpretation of the research data and sorting the data as per relevance and importance.
  5. Keeping the mind the research paper format and making an outline of the paper and sequentially enlisting all the information to be written in the final paper.
  6. Formulating a research paper abstract, giving a brief synopsis of the paper and the research tools adopted to write the same.
  7. Citing all the sources referred to in the paper in a research paper bibliography.
  8. Making a contents page, enlisting all the subsequent page numbers of the headings and sub heading of the paper.
  9. Designing a cover page for the paper, in accordance with the format of the paper.
  10. Proofreading the paper after its completion to make sure it is formatted and structured appropriately and is free from all writing errors.

These are the key steps writers should follow while writing a good research paper on architecture.

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