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Aging is an inevitable phenomenon. We grow old with every moment passing by. The experience of aging is different from one individual to the other. We are happy to grow adult from children, we are on the quest of achieving our dream, but growing old from adult usually gives pain. The wrinkles, the fading enthusiasm, the diseases, dependence, the isolation are even hard to imagine. Aging, thus, carries with itself many issues that deserve attention and discussion. Dealing with aging and the issues requires wise approach and understanding. ProfEssays.com offers you professional assistance to complete your Aging Term Paper.

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Aging brings about many changes in the human or other organisms for that matter. The changes are social, physical and mental. Physical changes like wrinkles or gray hair can be perceived and hence can be addressed. Often the mental or psychological take place that is hard to comprehend or address like Alzheimer. And the social change is apparent, often good, like respect from the society and often painful like decreased interactions with people (especially with the young and adult ones).

The following ideas can be of help for your Aging Term Paper, take advantage of them.

  • The physical change – aging can result many physical change. Outer changes include wrinkles and gray hair while the inner changes include seeing and hearing weakness. As the person grows older and older, his general strength decreases, gets tired quickly. Thus he needs to be active to slow down the physical change.
  • Immunity and disease – aging also results in the person losing the immunity against diseases. Heart disease, lung disease, cancer, Alzheimer, and ability to fight with foreign agents like viruses, bacteria, etc. decreases with a person growing old. However this is also decided by the diet and quality of life of the person.
  • The psychological change – there also occur psychological changes in a person. But this highly depends upon his culture, society and the environment. For example, a person may become more religious when they are older. They may have decreased ability to control stress. Some external changes include disengagement social interaction, obviously due to decreased mobility.
  • Active aging – active aging implies a healthy old age. This aims at minimizing the negative aspects of aging by reducing the negative physical, psychological and mental change. With better quality of life, the elderly population can actively participate in community activities and make an easier living.
  • Aging and maltreatment – this is an issue surrounding the elderly population. They may be maltreated by their spouse, sons, daughters, or in- laws. With frail body and dependence on them, they do not have any other option but to tolerate, though in recent times they are getting more attention from the governments and increasingly better care.
  • Aging and diet – aging and a balanced diet cannot be separated if one is to remain healthy. The elderly need as much attention and as much nutrients as children. Their bodies get frail with the passage of time and hence to compensate and slow down the same they need to be provided with good diet.

These are some of the aspects and issues dealt briefly. You can choose the topic on one of these points and elaborate on the same for your term paper. For example, if you are dealing with the physical change, you can gather information on various theories like biological theory and focus on the same. Read more: methodology examples, essay template and APA essay format.

Yes, you can certainly bring your own experiences and observations; we have a good elderly population around. Nevertheless, your ideas and opinions need to be buttressed with statistics and facts. For help on how to develop a good aging term paper, you can borrow further help from useful prompts to help you to write your essay paper section.

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