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How Make Your High School Essay Paper an Example of a Good Writing

Imagine High School years without essay writing; days that do not require you to sit in a library for hours, or bore your eyes into the screen of a computer; days that do not categorise you as incompetent just because you were not born with a pen in your mouth. Are you sighing ‘bliss’ dreamily? Hope not, because without High School essay writing, you are just draggy and bland.

High School is where you generally develop the foundation of respectable essay writing, and the most imperative ingredient for writing A-grade essays is the right amount of concentration and research. Of course, there are other pivotal issues that govern the success of your essays, but these are the un-negligible primary ones. In case if you are wondering why exactly you need to master the art of writing essays: you need it to write a legible letter of complaint to the water works, or the powerhouse, or the editor about cruelty against animal issues, or the Dean to change your major. Unless you can write in a respectfully legible style, chances are nobody will ever pay heed to you. You may be apt to hate High School for being so hard on you, but honestly speaking,  High School does not require of you to be pro essayists like Robert Lynd; it just aims to equip you with all the skills you may need in life.

So enough of detesting High Schools for making you write essays, and lets get down to tackling the task of writing quality High School essays. The word “essay” has been derived from the French infinitive “essayer”, meaning, “to make an attempt”, and according to experts, the only way you can produce quality essays is by trying, and trying, and trying, and following certain rules. Think of rules as cheats instead of hard-and-fast laws, because the more you comply with rules, the more you improve, and more your grades climb up.

Rules and Cheats:

  • Firstly, organise your thoughts and ideas. Only if you throw in enough concentration will you be able to coordinate your ideas. Sometimes, when the topic appeals to you, you may be in a haste to pen your ideas without prior thought. This will only result in a disoriented essay.
  • If the essay topic has been pre-announced, then you get enough time to research. Research will add more interesting and worth reading points to your essay.
  • Once your thoughts are well orchestrated, think of a catchy introduction. The introductory paragraph is a life-supporting machine without which your essay will have no life. A boring introduction leads people to conclude that the essay is boring. Wriggle out of making your introductory paragraphs too general or clichéd. For instance, if you are asked to write an essay on schools, never start with a sentence more or less like this: A school is an institution where education is imparted. Consider your readers to be gifted with at least a smidgeon of knowledge. Moreover, since you are probably going to write essays for professors to evaluate, try to come up with the most arresting opening. After reading tonnes of yawn-worthy essays on the same topic, your impressive introduction will be a breath of fresh country air to your professor.
  • Next, focus on the preceding paragraphs. Each paragraph until the concluding paragraph must contain one and only one idea that must be briefly explained and illustrated with an example. Never mash up ideas in paragraphs. You do not want your evaluator scratching their heads at the end, wondering what exactly your essay was about. If your High School essay is about a particular problem, you can either mention suggestive solutions along with their respective problems, which are stated in different paragraphs, or coherently combine all the solutions in the second to last paragraph. Every paragraph must have a topic sentence, which is a sentence that subtly gives an introduction to what the paragraph is about, and yet blends naturally with the paragraph. Never be pathetic enough to directly state what your paragraph will contain as in: “In this paragraph I will mention about …
  • The concluding paragraph must be a conclusion to remember. It can be either a sentence or two to summarise the entire essay, or a wild idea that fit into none of the paragraphs, yet pertains to the whole essay.

After all the effort you might want to spice up your High School essay a little more; make it wild and appealing. Shun banalities and clichés, and instead use synonyms from a thesaurus. This will also improve your vocabulary. Yet, restrict your self to simple and understandable language. No one is interested in decoding Old English. Finally, read and revise over and over again for glitches. Sometimes, you may come up with a more colourful expression during your second revision.

If you think this is too much for you, or beyond you, you can always seek professional help at ProfEssays.com. A custom essay or research paper professionally written will serve as a sample piece from which you can learn techniques and patterns, plus imbue more ideas and expressions into your essays in the future. ProfEssays.com has an excellent, certified staff whose work reflect originality and brilliance unparalleled. They can complete assignments within eight hours if required by emergency circumstances. If you are worried about confidentiality, then take refuge in the fact that ProfEssays.com protects customer information and thrives to attain 200% customer satisfaction.

It is never easy to become even a mediocre essayist, High School is where you have to start working. So practise, practise, and practise. Essay, essay, and essay.

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