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Tips on Writing Wuthering Heights Essay Paper

How to Write Wuthering Heights Essays

Wuthering Heights like Animal Farm, Lord of the Flies, To Kill a Mockingbird, etc is a type of literary work classified as a prose or novel which is a long narration of events, past or presence for purpose of entertainment or moral lessons. The novel Wuthering Height is written by one of the three Brontë’s sisters Emily Brontë under the assumed name of Ellis Bell. The story is about an agitated love which triggered a negative rebound effect on every one connected directly or indirectly to the cause. Writing Wuthering Heights essay promises to be very interesting a delight to romantics at heart, disconcerting to the realist like me, and generally a lesson to all, you have the option of having a good grade in addition to the fun of reading the novel by buying custom essay papers on Wuthering Heights essay from ProfEssays.com.

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The story surrounds the main character Heathcliff a gypsy raised by Mr. Earnshaw, he was initially hated by Catherine (Earnshaw’s daughter) the hate later developed into closeness and love not so with Hindley’s (Earnshaw son) feeling of hatred which was lingering and unstoppable, he abused, and brutalized Heathcliff thoroughly, the evil treatment against him heightened after the death of Mr. Earnshaw. Catherine got involve with a new polish and gentle neighbor Edgar Linton this off course made Heathcliff very envious and mad, two years later Catherine decided to marry Edgar, as if that was not enough Heathcliff overheard Catherine saying marrying him will be humiliating, he stormed out and ran out in anger, shame you name it. This simple but dangerous declaration spawned a deadly seed that developed to affect everyone. Heathcliff came back from a self exiled trip inexplicably rich, intent of destroying anyone who is directly or indirectly involve in upsetting his relationship with Catherine, many lives were destroyed in the vengeful thrust of Heathcliff unquenchable hatred including innocent children and adult.

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Tips on writing Wuthering height essay

  • Decide on the best type of essay suitable for the book, cause and effect essay is a great way to start; “in your own words describe the effects of Hindley’s attitude towards Heathcliff” in some cases you may not be given a title, but a general request to evaluate or appreciate the novel, the following format is adopted;
  • Background/setting: The title of the novel Wuthering height laid a precedent to the events in the novel, the sitting is in Yorkshire and the theme of the book is based on the title meaning “Turbulent weather”
  • Theme: The theme is revenge, and thwarted love the title Wuthering height echoes the central meaning of the novel.
  • Characters: list names of people involved in the story, roles and relevance in the story. Others are; literary device, figure of speech, and autobiography.
  • You can also present the essay using essay outlines, plan, and structure.

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