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Step-by-step Guide to Writing Compare and Contrast Essay

Often time one is faced with opportunities to choose when presented with many right alternatives, this type of write up has to do with the process of evaluating the subjects to arrive at a conclusion (analytical), it can be a very tricky essay to write, for further information please contact ProfEssays.

How to write a compare and contrast essay:

Analytical essay is a very useful ingredient when writing this type of essay, for instance if the topic is “write a compare and contrast essay on this topic “fish or pork which is better?”

To write this you will have to adopt the use of analytical essay as an instrument of bringing home your point. Please go to ProfEssays for further information on analytical essay, they hire the best in the industry; professionals and certified personnel; research papers are checked with anti-plagiarism soft wares before sending to clients, Prices are very reasonable; learn more about reasons to order custom essay papers from ProfEssays.com.

First write your thesis statement again, this should be precise, it should give the readers a clue about what you are about to write.

Next introduce your topic, note that the write up is about two things here, one is compare, which is stating of similarities, and the second is Contrast that is difference.

In your body you start by giving the similarities between pork and fish, e.g. pork and fish are animals, contains protein, they are edible etc

The next part of the body state the difference in the two subjects, e.g. pork is bigger than fish, fish lives on water, while pork leaves on land, fish has scales, pork none etc.

The last step is your conclusion. This is where you make a summary of your write up. You will base your conclusion on the features of both subject and say; fish and pork, base on their features, and usefulness to the economy has their peculiar advantage that is useful.

Remember to avoid choosing a topic that is completely different from the subject.

Think thoroughly about the subject, study all you can about it, once you have gained mastery you will be able to formulate and write down there similarities, and differences.

Next is to write down your thesis statement, followed by
Introduction: list both subject, and let your readers know your goals about writing.
Body: is the next in line, this is where you give details of your subject, listing points and defending it
The last is the Conclusion: cite some possible references, essay examples, etc, and reaffirm your thesis statements.

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