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How to Write a View from Bridge Essay

Professional Help with Writing Essay on View from Bridge Play

A View from the Bridge is a play like Othello, twelfth night, Macbeth etc the theme is comparable to Wuthering heights novel in that Love a good emotion was corrupted and use as a weapon against people for instance Heathcliff in Wuthering height became vengeful when his love to Catherine was thwarted, the same goes for Eddie Carbone the leading character in A View from the Bridge, he developed an incestuous desire (obsessive love) for his niece which also resulted into jealousy, betrayal, and murder intents hence forming an anticlimax in the novel. A View from the Bridge essay is an attempt by students to meet academic requirements in high school essay writing activities, should you still find it challenging to write this essay order custom essay papers from ProfEssays.com.

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Love is meek, unconditional, unselfish, and not vengeful, and everything good that is how it was made to be by God, but due to mans inherent wicked nature it’s turned into something revolting, and nasty. This was the thought going through my mind when I was reading the play (A View from the Bridge) by Arthur Miller.

The main character Eddie Carbone is a married man living with his wife Beatrice and orphaned niece Catherine Carbone. He is projected to be a good breadwinner in the household. Outwardly he is a Goodman, but inwardly he nurses an incestuous sexual urge for his niece. A feeling that was brought to light when Catherine fell in love with the handsome, young and charming Rodolpho (Beatrice cousin) who seem to love her in return this sets off Eddie’s show of jealousy, envy, hatred and eventual betrayal of a close knit family and neighbor code of protection, and intent to kill Marco (Rodolpho brother) who in self defense killed Eddie instead.

Tips on writing a View from the Bridge essay

  • Get intimate with the play take note of important events, you can adopt the literary appreciation format they are;
  • Background/setting: take note of the background or setting where can you relate to reality, for instance the play is based on America in the 1950s in an Italian American neighborhood under the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. They where united by a common feature; “Illegal immigrants” it became a neighbor or family code of secrecy which Eddy broke.
  • Theme: point out the central meaning of the play. Others are characters, literary device, autobiography, and so on.

A View from the Bridge is a play and as all play goes; challenging, and a bit puzzling to write, should you therefore have a need for custom papers for this play ProfEssays.com is poised to give you the best ever in essay writing, no plagiarism, freshly written from start to finish, reasonable price, 100% client privacy is guaranteed, place orders today.

  • After extracting this fact base on the topic you can proceed to writing the essay starting with deciding the type of essay to use; evaluation, argumentative, description, analysis, respect (essay of respect for Beatrice Eddie’s wife, point out her role in Catherine life, other women would have victimized and ill-treat her but she did not despite the fact that she knew her husband was lusting after his niece) essay
  • Next is to plan and structure the essay using essay outlines. Referencing should be according to MLA, APA, or Harvard format, or as directed by your tutor.

A View from a Bridge essay is an interesting play writing it promises to be exciting and didactic. Read more on the following: compare and contrast essays, essay cover page and sample research papers.

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