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A Guide for Writing a Term Paper on Leadership

Know How to Write Term Papers on Leadership

In a society, good leadership is a must. Leadership brings order and peace – which are pre-requisite to societal progress. Without a good leader, a society is bound to crumble and remain stagnant, making it susceptible to economic downfall. The downhill journey of a society’s economy is only bound to depress any constituent and de-motivate any further action that is relevant to the improvement of the society concerned.

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This is evident, as regularly witnessed in varied news world wide. The phenomenon is not exclusive to a specific region or era. In fact, history had its share of documented events when a society flourished because of a highly effective leader, and there are also records that showed a society that literally deteriorated because of a selfish and self-serving leader.

The concept of good governance and leadership has been one of the most discussed topics of many philosophers, sociologists and political analysts. Many academic courses in universities from different states and countries even dedicate subjects for the very purpose of discussing academic papers written on this subject. These political and social writings are mostly the reference materials used by students when writing their term paper on leadership.

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There are many different references that you can use when writing an academic paper on leadership. Time and again, political analysts and sociologists have attempted to understand the political, religious and industrial landscape whose existence is relative to the level or quality of leadership. Your academic paper is as good as your reference. As such, it is highly important to ensure that the authors or writers of your resource materials are credible.

There are many unreliable published materials today, such that using them could only be detrimental to your term paper. ProfEssays.com, the most trusted custom reseach paper writing site today, provides you with the classical philosophers who have published their views on leadership, in relation to the society. The views of these philosophers have become the foundation, if not the basis, of good governance and leadership.

So you may conjure up term paper ideas for your term paper on leadership, we have enlisted below few of the remarkable philosophers, a brief description of their view and a list of their works which can be used as your reference material.

  • Plato illustrated his view point in governance in his work The Statesman. Here, he pointed out that a leader must know how to rule fairly and to keep the constituent’s interest on top of his priorities.
  • Since Aristotle is a student of Plato, the former’s works and ideas are very similar to that of the latter. In his published The Politics, he identified that a constitution is considered good if the magistrates or leaders are considerate of the greater good. Meanwhile, a society is defined as deviant if only part of the society will benefit.
  • Dubbed as one of the founders of modern politics, Niccolo Machiavelli’s opinion on governance is very revolutionary, even in today’s modern times. In his The Prince, he reiterated that in order to maintain power, one must have an iron hand, setting standards on how to implement cruel and yet acceptable forms of chastisement. This means that a leader must reprimand or even punish his constituents, in order to instill respect which resulted from fear.
  • In Karl Marx’s The Communist Manifesto, stated that capitalism is not the best form of economic system because it can lead to destruction. He said that socialism or communism is the better form of system, where the leaders of the society is not motivated by financial rewards but more so, by the satisfaction of contributing to societal improvement.

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