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How to Write a Tempest Essay

Tips on How to Write Good Tempest Essays

Tempest is a play written by William Shakespeare around 1611, it’s one among Shakespeare’s Romantic comedies, it has a simple story line, with very interesting characters some depicting supernatural powers. The Tempest essay is offered as an assignment to high school students who often have difficulty grappling with swift transit between the natural and supernatural scene in the play, aside from this writing Tempest essay promises to be an adventurous experience especially to skilled custom essay writers, the non-skilled writer also have the opportunity of been part of the venture by employing ProfEssays.com to write custom essays and projects at a very reasonable price. This article will expose little details needed to write Tempest essay.

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The Tempest is a story of evil and forgiveness; it dabbles into the world of spirits, witchcraft and white magic. Prospero (Duke of Milan) who happens to be the protagonist in the play was usurped and banished with his three year old daughter (Miranda) into an island by his brother Alonso with the help of the king of Naples, the king councilor Gonzalo stock his boat with food, water, clothes and most of his precious book collection, Prospero have two servants one is Ariel a spirit he rescued from Sycorax (a wicked witch who is said to be Satan worshipper) trap; the second servant to prospero is Caliban son of Sycorax a misshapen monster.

Prospero devised by magical manipulation the wreck of a ship carrying his brother Alonso, king of Naples, Ferdinand (Prospero’s nephew and Alonso son) and others into the island. This spurred many chain reactions eventually leading to the marriage between Miranda and Ferdinand, Prospero forgiving his brother and others, Ariel freedom and so on.

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Steps on writing Tempest essay

First read the play and understand the intricacies, take note of;

  1. Theme: try to identify the subject matter, or what lessons to learn
  2. Background/settings: Trace the background story of the author, find out if there is a link or connection to the main story, what source influence the story for instance its said that the play was developed according to traditional Italian “commedia dell’arte”
  3. Characters: list them starting from the main character to the minor ones, what are their role and did it affect the theme, quotation is necessary, adopt among this type of essay evaluation, analysis, descriptions, argumentative, controversial, compare and contrast essay.
  4. Others are; literary device, and figure of speech.
  5. The above investigation should be conducted extensively, do not depend solely on information from reading this play alone, read through other sources gotten from libraries, internet, journals etc.
  6. 6. Find out the MLA, APA, and Harvard format for The Tempest
  7. 7. Use rubrics tool for experimental grading
  8. 8. Employ essay outlines in writing essay.

Tempest essay is not so difficult to write if you follow the pattern in this article, seek other confirmatory source before writing the main essay. Check our sample essay papers which are free to download.

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