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Scheme for Earthquake Essay

Know How to Write Good Scheme for Earthquake Essays

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Earthquakes are considered to be one of the worst natural hazards which often turn into disaster causing wide spread destruction and loss to human lives. The most devastating earthquakes are of tectonic origin. They are associated with large scale strain in the crust of the earth. There are many earthquakes of non tectonic origin too. Examples of such earthquakes are those caused by volcanic eruptions, rock bursts, subsidence in mines, impounding of reservoirs etc. Damages caused by such earthquakes are however confined to small areas. An earthquake becomes a hazard only when it strikes the populated area. The impact of an earthquake is always disastrous. The earthquakes make change in the natural environment in a number of ways. Passage of surface waves produce fissures, through which sometimes water floods out. This brings enormous quantity of sand and produces sand dykes. A marked change can also be observed on the drainage system of the region. Rivers sometimes change their courses and cause floods. Landslides occur in hilly areas which bring down huge quantities of rock material, leading to mass wasting. Glaciers are breached and their avalanches scatter to far of places. New waterfalls and streams are also created.

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