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Romeo and Juliet Essay: Writing Help

The tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet, as with all the Shakespearean masterpieces, provides a wide selection of essay topics to dwell on.  Shakespeare provides a variety of platforms from which any writer can spring his essay.

Ironically, this fact does not make things easier for someone who wants to write a Romeo and Juliet essay. With 5 acts and a number of themes, creating a substantial, professional essay of the infamous play may prove to be more of a challenge.

The challenge, and perhaps one of the more important considerations, lies on which subject should be discussed. The love between the “star-cross’d lovers” is the premise by which the entire play evolves. Their unfortunate fate maybe the obvious path for writers but an in-depth look at the play can provide a more interesting and provocative piece.

A professional essay should not merely discuss a topic, but must explore it. This can only be achieved if the writer looks beyond the surface.

For Romeo and Juliet, the other underlying topics within the play may be atypical because they are socio-political in nature. Some of it is listed below:

  • the consequence of arranged marriage
  • the suppression of personal freedom and choice
  • the depth of Juliet’s character — as a young woman who has firm decisions
  • the violence, as a resort for most youth
  • the implied homosexuality of Mercutio

A writer must also regard the type of the essay after choosing a topic. As a number of issues surround the play, a Romeo and Juliet essay may take varied tones: narrative essay, cause and effect essay, critical, persuasive, and expository essay — to name just a few.

A narrative style may prove to be the easiest as this only recounts the details of the story. The only reference one may take is the play itself, and perhaps a dictionary.

This is not the case when one chooses another form of essay. In most of the essays mentioned above (sans, the narrative type), it is almost obligatory for a writer to have a number of reliable references. References do not only contribute to the substance, but also to the essay’s credibility and relevance.

Furthermore, an analytical look at the play’s components (i.e., plot, characters, settings, etc.) would be a major contributor to the essay’s content and substance.

Content and substance are one of the gauges of an effective writer. A custom essay is meant to be read, and any reader would find any writing only worth his time if it presents something new or to say the least, interesting.

One of the further challenges one may encounter is coming across an impasse when writing. Unfortunately, not everyone is gifted to go through it easily.

Writing a Romeo and Juliet Essay, or any material for that matter, may prove to be difficult to some but a simple alternative is always available. A Professional Essay may not be a challenge, at all, if you look at the right venues.

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