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Research Proposal Sample: Tips and Relevance

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Proposal in a writing contest signifies writer’s research writing intentions, objectives, strategies, and significance. It helps a reader or examiner to know before hand what to expect in the write up, goals of the reader and the procedures he or she undertook in the writing assignments. It is very relevant as it manifest the rubric research paper grading for the research paper proposal writing test. Considering the importance of research paper proposal it is no wonder therefore that people especially students find it very difficult to write couple with the prevalent difficulties in writing research paper assignments. The first step to combating writing hurdles is to study research proposal sample from custom research paper writer (ProfEssays.com) Web pages or libraries, the essence is to have a guideline to emulate, just make sure that the source of the sample is authentic and professional, remember do not copy and paste plagiarism is highly prohibited and could lead to disastrous end. How to write a research proposal and what makes up a research paper is the objective of today’s article.

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Parts of APA style research paper:

Before we go on to discuss about writing research proposal sample, for purpose of comprehension let’s explore the parts of research paper. It can also be referred to as the basic component of a research paper, it makes up of the various relevant sections that when efficiently combined can lead to research writing excellence. Without this knowledge it will not be possible to execute the research writing assignment.

Research Proposal Organization

The first part is:

  1. Research paper title page: This is where you input the title of the research, APA requires that you use a different page for this part, it is must not include jargon, and must be 20 word limit
  2. Research paper proposal
  3. Abstract: 100 to 250 word limit, consist of significance of the paper, research paper methodology, etc
  4. Introduction: must be 2 to 3 pages, state the challenges encountered in the process of the write up, give brief explanation, etc.
  5. summary: 2 to 3 paragraphs
  6. review of literature: must be 5 to 7 pages, must be APA reference

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  • Describe the historical background of the research topic
  • Literature review
  • Research methodology: 3 to 5 pages
  • others are; result, discussion, reference and appendix

How to write a research paper sample:

  • a. First is to write a brief description of the research topic, it must be 2 to 3 pages, don’t waste time with gibberish, should be simple, focus and straight to the point.
  • b. Introduction: this requires literature review
  • c. Reasoning and hypothesis: consists of relevant tips about the subject matter, objective of writing, and strategies implemented in the course of composing the research writing assignment.
  • d. Research paper design: may need the use of flow chart to convey the heart of the topic, and validation method to be adopted

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