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Practical Steps of Preparing a Research Papers Outline

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Ordinarily, writing is a tedious exercise, except for the inborn natural writing talents like ProfEssays.com who due to the skill exhibited in executing writing assignment may discredit my claim, but others who acquired writing expertise by way of education, compunction, and the simply wet behind the ears writers may have to concur with my humble declaration, therefore to combat the tardiness which some may encounter in the course of writing any research paper or essay writing a style of drafting the assignment following a recommended and authorized format was introduced called outline, essay outline, research paper outline and what have you, help to make writing experience ideal, doable, coherent and organized, following this format for writing has freed many from writing deficiencies while some though unwillingly still linger in the shadow of writing incompetence through no fault of theirs. Focus will therefore be centered on exposing some tips of writing research paper using research paper outline.

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Research paper outline is an educational rules therefore it is proper to expose some writing rules that if not adhered to may harm your research outlining strategies they are;

  1. Do not split infinitive
  2. do not start a sentence with a conjunction
  3. avoid clichés or outdated word, and phrases it makes you work boring, and awkward
  4. go straight to the point avoid unnecessary wordiness
  5. Avoid repetition
  6. do not end sentence with prepositions
  7. Cite using the recommended format; MLA, APA research format, etc
  8. reduce passivity to barest minimum
  9. Avoid exaggeration, think of it as a big lie
  10. know how to apply tenses in a sentence example; advise, advice,
  11. Seek to use more of good tenses than big words
  12. Know how to apply big terminologies before usage

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How to prepare research paper outline

  • First is to choose a topic and prepare a research paper title page
  • Thesis statement; or abstract, if properly done will may double as a summary, it echoes the meaning of the title, let reader’s into the subject matter.
  • Introduction: This will come after research when you are clear about what to write about, and have detailed list of key point handy. List them out in different paragraph; no explanation needed here, just declaration, query, etc, must be interesting and catchy.
  • Body; list out the point in different paragraphs, reference using Harvard, APA, format research, sub point can be appended with symbols different from the main point, example;

A. key point 1
B. key point 2
a. sub point 1
b. sub point 2

*. Conclusion: reassert your thesis, repeat declaration and round it up, try to play a little drama especially if you are writing on a type of essay like controversial, argumentative, cause and effect etc.

Research paper outline is very important it helps by making a write up coherent, organized and presentable.

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