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Buy Research Papers on AIDS

Help with Writing Your Research Paper on AIDS

AIDS is the acquired immune deficiency syndrome. AIDS is a fatal disease that doesn’t have any cure till now. With the help of some special treatments and the pills the life span of a human being can be extended but there are no possibilities of long term survival. AIDS is basically caused because of a virus called HIV – Human Immunodeficiency Virus.

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The virus has majorly three mode of transmission via sexual contact, infected blood transfusion or needle use and from another to a developing fetus. AIDS when comes to existence in a human body; it assures to put forth serious issues for his / her survival. The virus invades over the immune system setting one prone to various infections co-existing within the environment. These diseases are the one when attacks a human it primarily focus on the human healthy cells and spoils the proper function of the organ.

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  • How it can complicate
  • Diagnosis, treatment and prognosis
  • Preventive segment with lifestyle changes

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