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Research Paper Format Guidelines and Essentials

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A research paper format typically varies according to the style of writing. However, there are certain standard formatting requirements of every paper.

ProfEssays.com essay writers have step wise listed the standard requirements for formatting all types of research papers, the same guidelines of formatting can also be used for some types of essays.

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The basic rules to be followed for a research paper format include:

1. Order of contents of the essay
The contents of the essay need to be sequentially arranged, this format of arrangement is followed in all types of essays as well as research papers.

2. Title page of the research paper
The title page of a research paper should be organized in the following method:

  • (a) The title of the essay should be written in the center of the page
  • (b) The title should be followed by the – name of the writer, the instructors name, the subject and the date.

3. Abstract page format
The research paper abstract typically should not exceed more than a page, unless instructed by the tutor.

4. Table of Contents
The table of contents of the research paper should contain all the headings and sub-headings of the research paper along with the corresponding page numbers.

5. Research paper bibliography
The bibliography of a research paper should consist of the names of all the references that have been cited in the paper. The name of the journal / article / book, the authors name and the date should also be clearly mentioned in the bibliography. Writes must keep in mind to draft the research paper bibliography in an alphabetical order.
6. Numbering format
All the pages of the research must contain numbers on the upper right hand corner of the page. Writes should not number the cover page, but should count it in the total number of pages. Therefore the page subsequent to the title page should be numbered 2.

These are some of the standard rules of a research paper format. However, one must strictly follow the format of the particular style in which the paper is being written.

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