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The Importance of Research Paper Footnotes

Custom Research Papers with Footnotes

Research paper footnotes are a way of citing a source of reference within the text of an article.
This can be also considered as an alternate means of citation. In addition to research papers footnotes are also used in citing sources for various types of essays as well.

ProfEssays.com is a leading custom research paper and dissertation writing service provider, and our writers have mentioned below the importance of research paper footnotes and the way in which these can be implemented in a research paper:

Importance of research paper footnotes

  1. Footnotes indicate the authenticity, originality and relevance of the research data.
  2. Footnotes give the reader an insight into the research undertaken by the writer and can enables them to further refer to the cited sources for more information.
  3. Research paper footnotes are important and helpful in supporting a particular claim maid in a text of a paper.
  4. Footnotes also illustrate to the tutor the extensiveness and the extent of research carried out by the writer.
  5. It is through the footnote citations that a tutor gets to assess the knowledge, skills and research abilities of a student.
  6. Footnotes have the same relevance as a research paper bibliography page. Both of these are vital parts of any research paper as it helps the writer’s form being charged with plagiarism.

How to write footnotes for research papers

  1. The first step in writing research paper footnotes is creating footer at the end of every page.
  2. The footer of every page needs to contain the names of the sources which have been referred to in that particular page.
  3. The style of wring the sources on the footer depends on the style of writing the research paper, hence the students must follow the guidelines of the essay writing format and style.
  4. The two ways to create the research paper footnotes are:
  • Number referencing Index – in this the writer requires allocating numbers at the end of every sentence or paragraph corresponding to the reference sources cited in the page footer
  • Alphabet referencing Index – this is same as the number referencing except that in this style alphabets are used in place of numbers.

These are some of the important facts about research paper footnotes.
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