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Persuasive Essay Writing: Six Vital Steps

In many ways one has been reduced to making decisions that is different from the original intentions? Or maybe it was an argument, and it resulted to adopting another view or choice. The subtle device used in successfully changing ones decision is what is called a persuasive essay, as so long as it is written.

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From the above we can easily deduce the meaning of persuasive essay, the act of using deductive reasoning, logic, instances, experience, to make a point thereby shifting a reader’s original point of view.

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1. The first step is to know what you want to write about, what issues do you wish to convince your readers about. It is imperative you get this from the onset.

2. Second, ask your self, ‘who are my readers’? What are there opinion concerning my essay topic? You should know. Some subject already have a general opinion, while some don’t, so knowing this will help you to structure your essays.

3. Next is how to arrange your essay, is it base on facts, or theories? What experience or knowledge do you have to support if it’s based on theories, likewise what evidence is there to show if it’s based on facts. Please note that in writing this type of essay, use points that are purely factual, avoid writing theories.

4. Facts must be a product of research, especially if your topic happens to be a sensitive one, detailed investigation must be carried to project your points.

5. Provide quotes from notable personalities to support your facts, and remember to include sources and references to your work, don’t forget the reliable tool of using Statistics, and examples, if it can be substantiated then your are 75% sure attaining your goal of persuasion.

6. Lastly go through the essays, if possible give to four to ten people to read and offer some creative criticism.

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