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Narrative Essay Topic Prompts and Outline

More Tips for Writing Narrative Essays

A narrative essay writing can be the simplest task for students. It’s because you just simply have to write some story in such types of essays. But it happens that teachers give the narrative essay topic prompt mainly to have a standardized set of assessment for the class.

Our experts at ProfEssays have researched and listed some of the most common narrative essay topic prompts given by teachers.

  1. What has been the worst experience of your life?
  2. Narrate the story about the movie you’ve recently watched.
  3. Consequence of World War II in France?
  4. Critically evaluate a book you have recently read.
  5. What is your favorite dessert?
  6. Write an illusory account on why different people have diverse religions.
  7. Evaluate the current economic scenario.
  8. Discuss the impact of growing technology trends
  9. Which is your favorite subject in school?

Some of these prompts make frequent high school and middle school essay topics and can be very useful in writing narrative articles.

To suitably use essay prompts one should have good understanding of the chosen subject. Steady analysis on the topic and reading thorough research material could help the writer in understanding the topic better and improve his awareness on the subject, this practice, in the long run enables writers to select better prompts.

In addition to selecting an apt narrative essay topic prompt and scripting a faultless essay the writer must keep in mind to properly format and structure the essay, this is why writers need to know how to write an essay outline, as it helps them keep the essay on track.

The outline of a narrative essay topic should consist of the below mentioned sections:

An Introduction
In the introduction the writes requires to present the thesis statement and a brief highlight of the essay, the introduction needs to be catchy so as to lure the reader to read the entire essay. Hence, writers require to start the essay with a compelling statement which forces the readers to read on.

Main Body
This part illustrates the thesis and supports it with facts and findings compiled through the process of research. The writer must provide all details without be monotonous and repetitive.

Should sum up all that has been debated and discussed, the conclusion should have a strong statement, to leave an impact on the reader.

Professays realizes that students find it difficult to discover their narrative essay topic prompts, which, obviously, leads to poor quality work. The requirement to present an inspiring paper, on the other hand, has been strengthened. Writing at the present is a much more significant part of an educational life.

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