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MLA Thesis: Essential Steps and Elements of Citing

Help with Writing Your MLA Thesis

In addition to the content the structure and presentation of the paper is of extreme importance. Following a proper editorial guide or a specified thesis format is one of the most crucial aspects of writing an assignment.

The MLA thesis format is one of the most popular forms of writing such papers; however, writers must be well versed with the particulars and rules of this editorial to configure the thesis suitably.

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Every thesis format has set rules and elements that need to be comprised in the paper some of which comprise of:

  • The title page of a thesis
  • The thesis abstract
  • The contents table
  • Main body of the paper
  • Acknowledgements
  • And the bibliography section

However, the most essential element of a thesis format is citation / bibliography section, as it is responsible for accrediting all the sources that have been of assistance to conjure the paper and it also displays the extent of research undertaken by a writer. Read more about the following: art history paper format, funny essay and persuasive essay topics.

The citation page is also closely examined by the tutors and therefore the structure and format of the same is very vital.

To help students with the intricacies of formatting a MLA thesis the editorial experts of ProfEssays.com have fabricated some essential steps for students and green writers, these comprise of, the following:

  1. In text citation rule
  2. Standard citation rules
  3. Footnotes
  4. and Endnotes
  • In text citation rules

While citing a quote, stanza or ideology of an individual within the body of an MLA thesis, writers should mention the author’s surname and the page number form where the quote has been taken, before ending the sentence (before the full stop).

  • Standard citation rules

In this thesis format the bibliography page is crafted at the end of the paper and it requires being labeled “Works Cited” and aligning to the center of the page.
The other essentials that writers ought to keep in mind while crafting this page is:

  • The name of the authors

Writers should keep in mind to start citing the paper in alphabetical order and should begin with the last name of the author followed by the first name and then the middle name.

  • Names of the sources

Subsequent to the name of the author one requires to mention the publication details. For this the title of the publication / journal / article / book should be placed first followed by the name of the publisher and the date of printing. (Titles should appear in Italics).

  • Page numbers

In the MLA thesis the writers also should essentially list the page number of the source from which the reference has been.

  • Punctuation rules

The titles of the author’s works should be capitalized and underlined while being cited in the bibliography page.

  • Citing sources without authors

In this particular thesis format all the referential sources with unknown authors, the title of the source should be mentioned in alphabetical order in the bibliography section.

  • Citing more than one source by a single author

If multiple sources have been referred to of one single author then the title of the sources should be mentioned in alphabetical order of appearance.

  • Type of source

In the MLA format writers require mentioning the type of source that has been referred to e.g.: Publication, Internet source, survey data etc.

  • Footnotes

In this thesis format, footnotes (if specified) require appearing at the end of every page and every quoted source of that particular page needs to be cited in the footnote. This ought to be done by allocating a number or alphabet to the stanza or quote and corresponding, the same to the name of the source cited at the footnote below the page.

  • Endnotes

In the MLA thesis format, the endnotes require to be placed on a separate page before the main bibliography page, and all the sources directly quoted in the paper ought to be enlisted in the notes page.

The names of these quoted sources also ought to be allocated a number that corresponds to the number allocated to the quote.

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