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MLA Term Paper Format and Layout Guide

Help with Writing MLA Formatted Term Papers

The presentation, arrangement and layout of a term paper are extremely important at all academic levels and not only do they build an appearance and create the first impression of the paper, but it also establishes the editorial technique and organizational skill of a term paper writer.

Therefore, following a proper term paper format for writing a paper is vitally essential to confer a structure to the paper.

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The MLA term paper format is amid the most popularly used formatting styles, though there are various elements that need to be kept in mind while adopting this style, our writers at ProfEssays.com are well versed with the most updated form of all such formats to skillfully apply the same to any manuscript.

To give an insight into the technicalities of the MLA term paper style the formatting experts of ProfEssays.com have mentioned below the following:

  1. The layout specifications of the MLA term paper format.
  2. The basic formatting rules of the MLA style.

Layout of an MLA term paper comprises of the following elements:

  • The term paper tile page

In this particular style of formatting the title of a term paper is made only if specified by the tutor and requires to be designed strictly as per the instructions provided by the tutor.

  • The abstract page

The abstract page is also only constructed only if specified by the assignee of the paper, this comprises of the primary objective and thesis of the term paper and a brief of the contents of the paper along with the approach of the research undertaken to write the paper.

  • The main body of the term paper

The final content of the term paper should be systematically organized in paragraphs and should contain:

  • An introduction paragraph
  • A concluding paragraph
  • A citation / bibliography page

This is the most essential section of the term paper and needs to be constituted at the end of the paper and comprises the names and details of all the sources that have been referred to for writing the paper.

The basic formatting rules of the MLA term paper style comprise of the following:

The MLA term paper assignment needs to be written on a standard paper, in the Times New Roman or the Courier font.

  • The characters of this format require being double spaced.
  • A single space ought to be inserted between punctuation marks
  • All corners of the paper should have a one inch margin and this needs to be maintained throughout the entire paper.
  • The MLA term paper style needs to have a running header on every page, holding the page number followed by the last name of the student.
  • Endnotes in this term paper format ought to be positioned at the end of the paper and before the bibliography page.

Formatting of the term paper title page

Typically the MLA style paper does not include a separate cover page, however, if specified by the assignee of the paper one should keep in mind to:

  • Position the title at the center of the page followed by the full name of the writer; this requires being aligned to the center of the page.
  • The name of the course, name of the tutor and the date ought to appear at the bottom of the title page.

Abstract page format of the MLA style term paper

The abstract of the paper also requires to be fabricated only if specified by the tutor, the rules writers need to follow to design this page are:

  • To number each page on the top left hand corner with small roman numerals.
  • The abstract ought to start with the thesis of the paper.

The formatting of the content of the paper

  • While writing the main body of the paper the title of the paper ought to display again at the center of the page.
  • The rest of the paper ought to follow the ruled as mentioned in third edition of the MLA Manual.

The citation / bibliography page

The bibliography page of the term paper needs to contain the following:

  • Last name and first name of the author
  • Name of the Article / Publication
  • Date of publication

In addition to these guidelines explained by our writers, there are also numerous intricate detailing required for the proper formatting of the MLA style term paper.

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