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Love and Love Essays in Our Life

Being Humans we pass along various situations in our daily life. There could be happy periods and often there could be bad, worst times. What ever be the circumstance we have to overcome it no matter what happens. Important thing here is not whether we passed or not but how we rode it. The thought that someone is there for us back at home gives lot of relief and also builds up the necessary confidence and courage to handle our problem. That is the magic of love – the supreme of all human emotions.

Writing a Love essay is very interesting and fun when compared to other kinds of English essays especially writing High school essays, MBA essays or Academic essays.  Love essays can be said as crown jewel of all other types of English essays.

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What made me to write a Love essay at ProfEssays is its greatness and charisma.

Love has lot of definitions given by so many people right from great poets to a common person and all are true. Definition of Love varies from one person to another.

  • One says Love is blind.
  • Another says Love hurts.
  • For some Love is one thing that they cannot have.
  • Love is the soul of life’s happiness.
  • Love is a mix of other amazing emotions like passion, cheerful, blissful, joy.

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Love doesn’t just mean the affection or lust between two young individuals. Love is present in all the relations of our life….

  • Between Mother and son
  • Father and daughter
  • Between friends
  • Between siblings
  • Among relatives

But when anyone says about love they mean only about the love between male and a female.

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Love among relatives is natural because it comes from genes. They are bonded together by their birth. But Love that is generated between young individuals is very great since

  • The way they are brought up is different
  • The places where they come from is different
  • Their habits are not the same
  • Their religion is not the same

Still some kind of bond tied them together and that bond is love which is very powerful. It is very important to have that feeling towards the other forever. Loves gives enormous happiness to individuals and also can give same degree of sorrow when fails. In a single line it can be told that Love is a war which is easy to begin but difficult to end.

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