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Steps in Writing a Literary Research Paper

Knowing How to Write Literary Research Papers

Literary research papers are an interesting yet time consuming task. For writing such type of a research paper one needs to have a thorough understanding on the subject and notes taken during the class are also helpful for the scripting of such essays.

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ProfEssays.com expert custom essay writers have illustrated below the requirements and requisites of a literary research paper:
I. Requirements before writing the paper

  • For writing a good research paper on literature one first requires to go through the book / journal / novel on which the research paper is to be focused.
  • A literary research paper also has to be well researched and contain maximum detail.
  • Before scripting the final research paper writers should make a research paper outline.
  • Reading samples of good research papers on the subject is advisable as it gives the writer an idea of the structure and flow of the essay.
  • II. Writing the final research paper
  • The literary research paper ought to contain the plot and theme of the topic being discussed.
  • Character analysis, of the main characters of the book.
  • Describing the background of the book / play / or any other journal being discusses.
  • Comparison of the literary work of the writer with the other works
  • The writer also requires analyzing the relationships between characters.
  • To write a good research paper of this type one also requires answering certain questions pertaining to the particular topic.
  • The writer also must draft a research paper abstract containing a brief outline of the contents of the paper and the style of research undertaken to script the same.
  • A research paper bibliography is also essential for citing all the sources referred to in the paper.
  • The other essentials of the literary research paper are the contents page and the title page
  • One must keep in mind to closely follow the writing style define by the instructor to write the paper.
    Writers ought to be creative and original while writing the paper and not imitate the work of another writer.
  • Also the writers should critically evaluate the work of the writer in the literary research paper and not directly criticize the writer.

III. Post writing the research paper

After writing the entire paper proofreading it and making sure that is complies with all the writing guidelines is essential.

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