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How to Write a King Lear Essay

Professional Help with Writing King Lear Essays

King Lear is a tragic play written by Williams Shakespeare, he has had to his credit many great works and King Lear happens to be among them, his poignant story telling abilities is further manifested by the huge demand for his works in academic circles, virtually all literature students are allotted to compose Shakespeare plays; King Lear essays, Shakespeare case studies, term papers etc. Contact ProfEssays for good King Lear custom essays.

The play began with Lear an egocentric and irrational king who felt he was too old to continue as a leader decided to retire and share his wealth among his three daughters on a waspish condition that they publicly declared their love for him, his first two daughters (Goneril, and Regan) complied, while the last one Cornelia declined, this earned Goneril and Regan the kings approval, and disapproval for Cordelia.
Cordelia due to her honesty was disowned and married to one of her resilient suitors the Prince of France without a dowry, while her elder sisters together with their husbands (Duke of Cornwall, and Duke of Albany) inherited their fathers staggering wealth.

The erroneous attitude of the king’s iniquitous decision of disowning and disinheriting Cordelia started manifesting through spiral of unfolding bad events; Goneril and Regan showed undying love for their father by feeding him with his own medicine, he was maltreated, restricted so bad that he had to run away, add to this there where instigators of wars lead by Edmund who engineered the King of France assistance in Fighting Britain, all these and more lead to the gradual mental deterioration and stress that lead to the death of Lear, the greatest tragedy seen in the play was the death of Cordelia, this part created an emotional laden play.

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How to write King Lear essay:

The first thing to do will be to read the play, obtain as much information as you can from the play.

Write it as if you are watching it in a theater, let the reader have a feeling that they are watching a drama.

Use literary devices such as irony, metaphors, soliloquy, etc to project meaning of the theme

What are the themes of the play? Find out what it is and how it relates with the key events, and major characters.

Sharpen your skill of description because writing essay plays is all about imaging, using the power of dramatic techniques

Other skills to develop are analytic, crucible, thematic, research, and poetic skills.

Jot down different point to be used in writing the essays, if you think Lear was irrational, prove why, you may need to bring out some references, examples, and quotations in the play to support you point

Next is to write out essay outlines. For more information about essay outlines, please see ProfEssays.com.

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