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Informative Essays: Practical Tips and Guidelines

Informative Essay as the name implies is a type of essay based on data gathered from reliable sources (primary or secondary) and written in a constructive, orderly and coherent manner. The focal point in an informative essay is information itself. So, the aim an informative essay pursues is to inform, that is to elucidate the target recipient on some topic, rather than provide personal viewpoints (i.e. of your own). As any other kind of essay, an informative essay contains three compulsory parts – introduction, main body and conclusion. Remember: your informative essay must by no means be emotional or obscure! You should focus on details and use formal structure. In addition to the above said, note that an informative essay may be combined with some other types of essays (narrative, analysis, description essays etc) to be more effective.

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Informative essay format

An informative essay format is referred to as the structural organization of the writing. An informative essay includes three obligatory sections – introduction, main body and conclusion.

The introduction is indispensable as to provide thorough information that reveals the reason of a particular topic choice and a writer’s statement regarding the importance of the chosen subject. It must be organized in a way to grip a reader’s attention and thus awake the desire to go on reading. Here comes your thesis statement (in one sentence, providing 3 reasons i.e. essential points of the topic to be further discussed in the main body).

The main body represents the details and elucidation concerning the topic. An integral part here is credible evidence and facts to be inserted. The way your writing must be done is:

  1. easy readable along with natural flow of thought
  2. all paragraphs must not arouse any difficulty of rereading or deciphering the content
  3. paragraphs must be logically connected using linking words and phrases
  4. refrain from irrelevant pieces of information that cause confusion and unclarity.

The conclusion is called to be a summarizing part that is why it should sum up the whole essay, but by no means contain repetitions of the same phrases or sentences used throughout the previous two sections. The ending must be impressive enough, so that your essay will send the necessary message to a reader and the latter won’t remain indifferent. Essay conclusion is as important as the end of the film. Nobody likes films without proper endings.

Informative Essay Tips

Your informative essay will be success if it includes the following points:

  1. clarify the issues the audience might have no or scarce idea of ;
  2. provide recent and fresh research evidence relevant to the topic;
  3. determine a complicated or sophisticated terms and notions;
  4. insert ‘for’ and ‘against’ standpoints where your task is to examine both sides of an issue (balancing). So, comparisons or contrasts might desirably contain the same number of paragraphs and be approximately equal in their weight;
  5. examine and review causal relations;
  6. remember that your writing up must answer the 5 basic questions, 5 “W”s of informative writing. They are the primary questions all writers seek to answer in an informative essay, such as What? When? Where? Why? Who? If your essay can answer these questions, then you are half way done.;
  7. suggest solutions – you don’t give your own decision-making but provide pieces of advice based on the different opinions you’ve analyzed. In such a way you help a reader to solve a problem;
  8. a good informative piece should have proves or evidence, you can offer links or give references to your source of information.

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Informative essay topics

Since an informative essay sheds light on the chosen topic, readers become abreast of some particular sort of information. Before you start writing an informative essay, it’s essential to choose an interesting and important topic, so that it will grasp attention of many people and furthermore be quite useful. With this purpose it’s recommended the Internet, magazines or newspapers to be consulted in search of the latest developments or events that will help you make a decision on a challenging topic, for instance. Thus, the topics of this type of writing may refer to diverse spheres of life ranging from environment to health or social issues etc.

Here are some suggestions on probable topics for informative essay:

  1. Health issues (e.g. kinds of diseases, their causes and effects, preventive measures etc)
  2. Social issues (e.g. teenage pregnancy, abortion, juvenile delinquency, generation gap, the impact of mass media on people etc)
  3. Judicial issues (e.g. cases of murdering, raping, robbery, blackmailing, assaults etc)
  4. Environmental issues (e.g. global warming: cause-effect relations, solutions, strategies, world events and happenings; water/air/soil pollution, deforestation, deserts expanding etc)

Informative speech essays

An informative speech essay comprises a type of an essay where the main emphasis is made on some knowledge that the writer of a speech aims to deliver to his audience. The scope of knowledge is related to and chosen regarding the topic of an essay, which is called to clarify and confirm the information on a specific issue of your choice. By this reason, the informative speech essay is distinguished from other types of topic essays where general topics may be preferred. The focus in aninformative speech is to highlight information that necessitates the writer to conduct a deep study concerned with the topic in order to support the essay of this type with all appropriate and reliable data to be included in the speech. So, informative speeches are supposed to be clarified and comprehensible enough to provide effortless and unhindered listener’s perception and understanding. When it comes to choosing the lexical components of the speech i.e. the words and sentences the main requirement here is to avoid vagueness and uncertainty. All words and sentences must be quite simple and laconic to deprive your listener or reader of additional attempts in making out what meaning you wanted to convey.

Informative essay outline

It’s not a challenging assignment to write and informative essay providing you have done an outline in advance. Basically, informative essay outline helps you to understand the stages of writing better and to choose the proper pieces of information to be included in the essay.

The outline recommendations suggest you make a sort of scheme or plan for your essay i.e. some helpful notes before getting your writing started which will assist you in following logical and standard informative essay organization rules.

Note! You must make your best as a writer to enable your reader to have a precise idea of what you aim to render. It’s desirable your writing be devoid of any questions on the side of readers. In order to manage this successfully, the author must designate all main issues referring to the topic to make the essay integral and comprehensive.

Informative essay definition

Informative essays have to present the information in a way it makes sense to the reader. As was already mentioned, an informative essay is a kind of essay that can vary considerably depending on a topic or assignment instructions. This type of paper is usually submitted to an instructor or teacher in a formal style. The very term informative essay presupposes some important skills available that will demonstrate the ability of a writer to present information in a consistent and structured way avoiding indistinctness and incoherence.

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