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How to Write an Essay Introduction

Essay Introduction as an Example of a Good Writing Stills

An essay basically has three focal parts: an introduction, a body and a conclusion. All these parts are equally important, but an introduction grabs the reader’s interest and introduces the subject as well as puts across the writer’s feelings on the matter.

An essay introduction is the most vital part of a research paper as it establishes the quality of an essay and lets the reader know what lies ahead in store for them. Writing a beguiling or catchy opening is a necessity for a good essay as this keeps the readers enticed.

At ProfEssays we believe that, in an essay, the most significant, and intricate, piece to be written is the introduction. The rationale behind this is very simple: a good essay introduction lets ideas flow into an essay making the rest simply effortless to write.

This is how we at ProfEssays work on writing an essay introduction

Planning the Introduction
We congregate all our matter and review the plan and layout of the essay to know precisely what needs to be included in the introduction. ProfEssays custom essay writers take immense care so as not to make the introduction too factual or descriptive.

Opening Line Impact
To create an impact we basically start the essay with a question, quotation or an unexpected and contentious avowal that instantly grabs the interest of the reader. One very important point that we keep in mind while writing an essay is that whoever is reading or grading an essay will have several others, so we try to grab the attention of the reader from the very beginning.

Keeping it Simple
Keeping the introduction succinct and avoiding long winded explanations is the key to a good introduction. ProfEssays writers make it a point not to write a summary of the essay as the introduction, but provide an outline of the subject matter.

Grammar and Language
Using proper language and grammar and avoiding slang in an essay is very important. We make certain that the essay introduction is structurally and grammatically correct and contains no controversial errors.

Concluding an Introduction
To conclude an essay with a statement or question automatically leads to the body of the essay. ProfEssays writers make it a point to conclude the introduction in an equally impacting manner as the beginning, and create a sense of eagerness amongst the readers making them want to continue reading till the end.
The introduction to an essay needs be written in a way that readers get engrossed in the subject that the writer is addressing.

Writers often lean to overlook the significance of the essay introduction. As the opening paragraph, an introduction requires to propagate the reader with the subject of the essay and make them relate to matter being discussed. Lacking a good introduction, any essay would fail to create a buzz among readers.

ProfEssays writers make it a point to create an impact from the very beginning of an essay and keep the reader engrossed till the very last line. You can also download free sample essays at our sample page and learn more about the reasons to buy essays from ProfEssays. All essay papers are custom written in strict accordance to your specific needs. You can find more information on the following topics: APA essay format, essay prompts and argument essay topics.

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