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How to Write an Autobiographical Research Paper

Help with Writing Autobiographical Research Papers

An autobiographical research paper is different from writing the other types of research papers. This type of a research paper is primarily based on the personal experiences of writers rather than on research. An autobiographical research paper is either based on the life of the author or a particular incident which has greatly influenced the life of the writer.

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A good research paper of this sort needs to be written in an interesting and gripping manner so as to hold the attention of the readers.

The expert academic custom essay writers of ProfEssays.com has mentioned below some points to keep in mind while attempting to write an autobiographical research paper.

  1. Brainstorming and coming up with interesting research paper topics to write on and short listing the most appropriate one of them all.
  2. Reading research paper samples to understand the structure and format of a good research paper.
  3. If a student is making a claim or supporting a cause in the paper then he should compile some research data or quotes to support the same.
  4. One can use quotes of famous personalities to support an instance in an autobiographical research paper; this has a greater impact on the readers.
  5. Writers should not be repetitive while writing the content of the paper as this fails to capture the attention of the readers.
  6. One should draft a research paper outline and pen down the sequence of events and happenings in order of appearance in the final paper.
  7. The final research paper should be written closely following the define research paper format.
  8. The other main inclusions of an autobiographical research paper comprise of:
  • a. A cover page of the essay paper
  • b. Contents page for the paper with corresponding page numbers
  • c. A research paper abstract, summarizing the paper and its main theme and idea.
  • d. Research paper bibliography, where all the sources referred to in the paper require to be cited.
  1. One should be original while writing the paper and should not imitate or copy the work of another writer.
  2. Writers should also make it a point to read the entire paper after its completion so as to make sure that is does not contain any writing errors.

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