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How to Write an Argumentative Research Paper

Argumentative Research Paper on any Topic

An argumentative research paper is one which is based on a controversial subject where a writer requires taking one side of the argument. These types of papers are typically based on social, political or any other current affairs based topic.

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The research paper format and writing style of these papers are the same as any other paper. The argumentative style paper is particularly important for grading the reasoning and thinking ability of students on a particular topic.
ProfEssays.com research paper writers have mentioned certain important points below to write an argumentative research paper, writers attempting to write such a research paper should closely follow the below steps for the scripting of a good research paper of this type.

1. Topic
Selecting a topic and deciding on the stand one is going to take in the argument that is going to be discussed in the paper.
2. Research on the topic
For writing a good argumentative research paper one needs to conduct a thorough research on the entire subject and compile as much information as possible to defend the stand being taken in the paper.
3. Quotations
Writers can also search for quotes of personalities on the subject being argued in the research paper. These quotes are a brilliant way of supporting the research paper and grabbing the attention of the readers.
4. Data analysis
All the data compiled for the argumentative research paper must be sorted as per relevance and all the irrelevant data should be done away with.
5. Research paper outline
For writing a good research paper writers must make a research paper outline as per the template of the paper and organize all the relevant information in a successive method.
6. The final research paper
The final argumentative research paper ought to be written as per the format define by the tutor and in addition to this a research paper of this sort should also contain:

  • (a) A title page
  • (b) A research paper abstract
  • (c) A contents page with all the relevant page numbers
  • (d) Research paper bibliography

7. Proofreading the research paper
After completely writing the research paper writers must proofread the paper to make sure it is written as per the instructions and is free from all types of writing errors.

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